Que Paso? March 28th, 2010 Puerto Morelos News

Clear blue sky and hot today, the birds are singing and the flowers are abundant, Puerto Morelos in the Spring just brings joy to your heart. It also brings a lot of holiday makers, I was meandering with Alex on the beach this morning, watching the pelicans dive and listening to the terns overhead and the wash of the waves when I hear "Coming on the right!" as a designer clad, iPod plugged jogger whisked past an inch from my shoulder trailing a cloud of floral scent mixed with sweat. Holy Moly what will we have next, lines drawn in the sand for walkers and joggers? Some of the local girls seen here serene on the beach in the early morning - these delightful Puerto Morelos photos were taken by Lance Jones who also took the polo photos below and various others. Lance is the talented mind behind the web design of www.thelittlemexicancookingschool.com and is also a writer and cameraman and am sure would love an excuse to come back here, contact : lancejoneslancejones@hotmail.com. Easter is upon us bringing local Church celebrations, times of masses are on the front of the Church and the local custom of dragging a wooden cross around town (Saturday from 12pm) is interesting to observe. Poker anyone? There is a weekly Texas Hold 'em match every Wednesday night, want to join in the fun? Give Andres a call 998 845-4376. Talking of fun, this Saturday 'I and I' reggae band returns to town. (Click here to understand the meaning of the band's name.) What used to be Spagettino's is now Sativa: full bar, restaurant casual food (spanish baguettes/bocatas) and a store (incense, bongs, sandals) and is celebrating their Grand Opening on Saturday night, 3 April, from 6pm with a reggae show. All welcome. New across the road is a Mayan food restaurant, El Casera, I have yet to sample. Around the block in the lighthouse street is the new El Pesquero which appears to want to give La Petita a run for their money. Don Pepe is behind the venture and seen here is Shade and his family enjoying the atmosphere, they said the food is excellent, you can see the prices on the menu. Across the road from them, soon to open, is Dona Triny's latest venture, a beach bar and restaurant. Gauchos is now open for breakfast withe the charming Mauro as host. Cafe Aldea, behind Mayan Riviera Properties on the Town square is a quiet refuge from the bustle of town. A delightful addition to the Town Square is Sofia's dress and accessory shop, Sharon stocks sun dresses and casual wear (300p-1000p), pretty sandals (300-780) and accessories, some of the sandals and tops have been hand beaded in Bali. Have a close look at her poster outside with local ladies modelling frocks! Opened on the big centre road in the Colonia, El Granero, where you buy pet food and fiord for your birs or even a live bird or two to fatten up for the table.The recent tragic fire once again united the town to try and help those in need, Cecelia is now out of hospital and staying with friends and needs one more month of care from her doctors. She is very grateful to everyone who helped her and said she felt the love of the town. She has plans to help Puerto Morelos when she is well. One of the fundraisers for Cecelia was held at La Suegra, thanks to John and Dora Gray, where music was donated and we had raffles - one dinner at Hola Asia and a 5 star 5 course meal with drinks at any of John's restaurants. All of the raffles were won by visitors, the locals were polite about it but think we may not invite visitors next time! 7,986 pesos was raised there and thousands more by cash and donations through the charity. Nohemi (actanohemi@prodigy.net.mx) offers VERY reasonably priced basic health insurance from AXA from 16,000-30,000p for national insurance, why don't you drop her a line and chat about it? While you are at it both owners and renters alike can get contents insurance! A good thing to remember while you are keeping your house secure over Easter. We have a new commandant of Police and of Transito and our numbers of police have doubled to cope with the influx of strangers to town over Semana Santa. The Police are stopping parking on the sides of the square and are guarding that corner behind the primary school to stop that street being clogged up, thank goodness. Transito headquarters is now all in the Colonia and the Ministerio Publico moved out of the Police Station to Ninos Heroes near the tortilleria. The Delegado has asked me to encourage everyone to report ANY incident to them, translations are available from Rose Marie 998-130-0649 and Abelardo 998-238-5050. Recently there was an incident out at Goyo's Temazcal where 2 people were unconscious and 6 in total, violently ill, they think from carbon monoxide poisoning. The delegado can do nothing about it as the yoga group did not report it. The NH Riviera Maya Hotel, on the other side of El Cid has changed management and name to Now, the new name is not on the front of the hotel just the words Riviera Cancun, is that a new region? Further down the road, dodge the trucks and you will see a huge landfill starting again. More mangrove going, then down on South Beach the owners of the sand dunes felt it necessary to fence the area with barbed wire, lets hope the turtles can crawl under this year! On a happier note we had a hugely succesful charity bazaar this year with over 12,000p being raised from the sale of house hold goods, clothes, books and food. Local artists participated in the day including Daryl with her delightful original artworks. Volunteers Nadja, Marco, Jennifer, Allison, Mike, Steve, Eric, Ginny and many others made the day a great social event as well. We have had donations of a wheel chair and walker and many school items. The Little Mexican Cooking School is doing very well, our last guest chef, Alan, is seen here eating the barbecued goat that is on offer at the little place opposite the Chulim veggie market in the colonia, they put 3 or 4 goats in a concrete pit to slow roast overnight - delicious, Sunday 7-11am only. We have the delightful Alexandre Rioux hosting our wine and tequila seminars and guests getting aprons signed and becoming great friends at the end of classes. Have you been up to the Crucero at night? Under the overpass is now lit up like a disco, gently changing fluorescent colours washing down the walls, makes you want to dance! Really Silly Competition Number 1 - Answer the question : Why did the Crocodile cross the road? I will publish the answers and the top 3 answers will get papaya muffins and chocolate brownie courtesy of the Cooking School! if you are not here you can claim them when you are!
I will leave you with more shots from around Puerto Morelos including a shot of the model of the proposed new Town hall that everyone in Cancun is screaming about as it uses up a huge amount of parkland.

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