PROJECT DRAGON MART getting closer to Puerto Morelos

Although I am thrilled to be getting great Chinese restaurants in the neighbourhood, we do need to look at the practicality and how it will affect Puerto Morelos, following is a translation from a blog in Spanish. Dredging the port rears its ugly head again! Above, is the architects vision for the completed project.

"On Thursday June 14 was officially the final design and final model of the Dragon Mart Cancun. The presentation was made during the meeting of Investment Opportunities from DragonMart, attended by over 100 Chinese entrepreneurs and national, where the state governor Roberto Borge Angulo said the project does not violate any existing environmental regulations, as they build on and impacted an area that was used for the extraction of stone materials.He also assured that there are no archaeological remains at risk, because own National Institute of Anthropology and History and inspected the perimeter of over 120 hectares, located 10 minutes from Cancun International Airport, near Puerto Morelos.He emphasized that the DragonMart not an invasion of the economy or competition for domestic goods, being a commercial pairing in which 60 percent of the Mexican capital and the rest will be Chinese. Not exhibit sensitive products for markets in Mexico and Latin America, such as footwear, textiles, and toys, as the site will not sell these products. He said the project will be key to allow Quintana Roo achieve what has long sought, "the diversification of our economy and activities." The final design presented today, includes new fields of economic development such as agribusiness, aquaculture, maquiladoras and development of alternative energy, so the range of opportunities to diversify the state economy and the entire region is unique, he said.PORT OF HEIGHT NEEDED. (I think it should be depth..ed. note)Juan Carlos Lopez Rodriguez, director of DragonMart Cancun on the Mexican side, said he has a vital seaport in Puerto Morelos, vital maritime infrastructure in the first three years of commercial complex equate the volume of trade that had The Dubai campus in 2011, up 52.000 sea containers.At first, the arrival of goods will be through the port of Progreso, Yucatan, which is four hours from Cancun. Thus both Rodriguez Lopez as Roberto Angulo Borge insisted on turning the port of Puerto Morelos in height. (depth?)"We are very interested to unlock this by the issue of costs rising much bringing everything from Yucatan. The port of Puerto Morelos height would be 10 minutes from DragonMart, although we know that there are limitations in draft and would have to dredge the port already exists, "said Lopez Rodriguez, director of the project.The governor of Quintana Roo even called on the federal government to unblock the environmental constraints that keep braking the seaport in Puerto Morelos, since only with good maritime connectivity may be to capitalize on trade opportunities.Juan Carlos Lopez Rodriguez, who in recent days presented details and scope of this initiative. He said that the planned investment is 200 million, which provides up to 122.000 meters of roofing trade show, retail 3.040, 40.000 meters of warehouses commercial, 60 acres for real estate supply and 1, 265 housing units.The first stage of the commercial project will generate 2,500 jobs in construction and is intended to be ready by the end of 2013. For when completed in its entirety, provides a detonation of up to 5,000 jobs for Mexican citizens, said the Governor.The project, environmental demonstration will be entered next month, with plans to start building in September, is billed as the most important investment during the administration of Governor Robert Borge Angulo, who said he would detonate other projects as a seaport import and export of products.Meanwhile, HangMeiqing, deputy director general of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that the state promises more dynamic and development investment in the future, thanks to his privileged natural environment, geographical location, its unique historical background tourism management and outstanding.OUR OPINIONNot in favor or against the project, the data provided in the presentation should arouse concern in the town of Puerto Morelos and Quintana Roo, because it is a mega project that will impact the quiet life squarely in the state. According to their figures and comments, in three years they want to match the volume of trade that took place at the Dragon Mart Dubai in 2011, but the Cancun project is expected to triple that of Dubai which has about 1,200 commercial buildings, against the 3.040 to be built here, more than 20,000 square meters of warehouses that operate under the bonded warehouse scheme relying on the fiscal offices of Puerto Progreso.Some pertinent questions:1) 1) Why have not submitted the project to the state's population and mainly to the people of Puerto Morelos?, Due to the impact of the project in lavida of all residents of the state is relevant to consult the public on its approval.2) 2) As is to mobilize the amount of goods coming through the office of Puerto Morelos?According to his data, in the first three years seek to match the volume of trade that was the site of Dubai in 2011, which was of 52000 containers. If we divide this figure between 365 days a year would enter the country supposed to 142.4 containers of Chinese goods a day. But this does not stop there, the goal is to triple the volume handled by Dubai. That is 156,000 containers per year.Here are some details:The container standards are established by the International StandardsOrganization, ISO(International Standards Organization) and some of the measures and weights are specifiedfollowing:Maximum weights20 feet (6 m) 44,800 lb (20,320 kg)40 feet (12 m) 67,200 lb (30,480 kg)However, a container may inadvertently load up to 10% more than specified,or off-load.Suppose that the average is 25 tons of Chinese goods by container. If containers entering the country 142.4 per day, then every day would enter by the office of Puerto Morelos 3560 tons per day of Chinese products. You can not even think of how much they would have to move trailers to move all this merchandise. And if they seek to triple the commercial movement, and the numbers are crazy.3) 3) How will coexist for a project so large and so degrading the environment, the tourism project with which we now?. Certainly one has to die and that will be the tourism project (at least in Puerto Morelos). No tourist wants to go to a site full of trailers, forklifts, pallets, diesel, waste, warehouses, etc, etc, etc .....4) 4) A referring Borge Governor Roberto Angulo if it asks the federal government to "unlock the environmental constraints that keep braking the seaport in Puerto Morelos." Considering that the proposed dredging site belongs to the Puerto Morelos National Marine Park.5) 5) What is the real harm the environment? because they have spoken only of the site where the site was located, but have not discussed the mobilization of vehicles, construction of access roads to Puerto Morelos reef dredging, worker housing, waste management, provision of services, etc. , etc, etc ...6) 6) Who are the domestic investors will benefit from this project?, We must ensure that it is not simple strawmen.7) 7) With what products industry compete nationally? They have said they will not be displayed, footwear and textiles and these are products that our country produces. The rule should apply only to investment from China, because as we know them all and produce a price that can not compete.8) 8) As is to create 2500 jobs in the construction industry if they said it will be pre-built premises?.9) 9) As is to create 5000 jobs for the residents of the state if they have said they will come around 5000 Chinese citizens to work in the DragonMart? .1 10) How many Chinese people come to live in our state?. Counting the family by that will bring.



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Andre C. said...

what a sad day for PoMo. Will the government allow the dredging and then the destruction of the reef as it has allowed Royal to destroy the mangrove south of Jade Now.
Build it and we will not return to this wonderful part of the world. Who wants to reside in heavy traffic and pollution.
sounds better and better!
Why don' t you build it in Progresso?
Andre Charbonneau

Angela Raber said...

This is such a bad idea.

There's still time to stop this.

Angela Raber said...

Great news!

D-Day for Dragon Mart: Building Permit Not Granted