6 November 2012 Puerto Morelos update

Great aerial view of Puerto Morelos reef and mangrove
Rocio Villalobos has written this wonderful update on what is going on with all the public action in Puerto Morelos. Please copy the article and post it in Google Translate and you will have a much better understanding. It is all good news, there is so much public unrest about these developments that the various responsible departments have had to take notice and force the law on the developers. Most important to note that Dragonmart has NOT been given a green light for construction yet, Moon Palace is stopped from putting in a Dolphinarium, and ruining even more of the area, and the massive outcry from the public, government institutions and departments against a container terminal in Puerto Morelos will stop that in its tracks too.


So Puerto Morelians stand up for your rights, have an opinion, it is working!

With thanks to La Voz


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