2011 wish list for Puerto Morelos

  • This is the list by school of what they have requested - there is a lot I know but let's see what we can do to help.
  • FIRE DEPARTMENT - really needs boots! Sizes 5-10, more uniforms and helmets - we also need a pumper and will soon be doing fund raising to see if we can buy one!

     Large wooden geometry sets (contain metre stick, compass, triangle) – for teachers
  • Student spiral bound notebooks – with lines and with squares (but not tiny squares)
  • Assorted easy to read books in Spanish (BookWorms is a good series with a variety of topics.     Published by Marshall Cavendish  Benchmark, New York
  • Reams and Reams of colored paper
  • Colored pencils and Pencils
  • School scissors, glue, staplers
  • Educational wall decorations and mobiles – planet systems, biology, geology etc in Spanish if     possible
  •  Air conditioning units - mini splits (4)
  •  Chairs for teachers (12)
  •  Paint for school walls and cleaning equipment
  • Tooth brushes and toothpaste
  • Math flash cards
  • Educational toys (not battery-operated)
  • Toy building materials such (like large Lego)
  • Stickers
  • Art supplies – paints, brushes
  • Coloured paper
  • Plastic containers for storage
  • Kinder Francisco Madero (kindergarten on the beach front in Puerto Morelos)
  • is the kindergarten we are concentrating on this year and they need a lot of things to bring them up to standard:
  • Plastic playground equipment (available here at around USD2500)
  • a Digital camera                                                             
  • CD/radio, small boombox                                           
  • Portable sound system with microphone                         
  • 32” flatscreen TV                                                             
  • 30” Sony Trinitron TV                                                    
  • 4 ceiling fans       
  • HP computer                                                                      
  • HP deskjet printer                                                                         
  • Wooden bookshelves (6)                                                    
  • Plastic chairs for kids (20)                                                    
  • Sunscreen cover for playground area       
  • Plastic games and puzzles                                           
  • Minisplit air conditioners (3)       
  • Paint for exterior         (3 buckets)       
  • Paint – acrylic, 19 liters   
  • Stove for cooking their  lunches (AW3000q01 20")
  • Microwave
  • Refridgerator LG 9, white or grey                                                
  • BACHILLERES DE PUERTO MORELOS - this is the Preparatory school for University and the first one in Puerto Morelos, it has just been built over the site of the old dump and is very basic
  • buckets of white paint
  • microscope for Biology
  • set of good sound speakers for their projector for practising english
  • security bars and doors for the school
  • trees and shrubs for the grounds - complete reforestation needed
  • benches for the children to eat out doors
  • Sport equipment - basketball rings and nets, soccer nets, balls, volleyball net

cement floor needed for the playground
over head projector
5 x air conditioning units

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