Hurricane Watch August 20

6pm August 20th - sea rising rapidly now and the sky is full of rolling thunder, light rain and a pretty sunset!

2pm August 20th - the Police have declared that from 6pm no vehicles to be driving in the streets and a full curfew in place from 11pm tonight until further notice - most likely 24 hours. The Police are already patrolling in marked and unmarked cars.Pics above - latest satellite image, deserted main street of Puerto Morelos, beach with Hurricane water encroaching, children play as Hurricane Dean approaches!

10am August 20th. Starting to have trouble with the internet connection - will try and get more out if possible. The Australian Embassy just called me to see if I needed any help and gave me a contact on the ground here, pretty good aren't they?
This next set of pics are from this morning at 0800.
From last night's meeting:
Dean still forecast to his Category 5 and to hit the coast but looking landfall for the centre on the Belize coast, our thoughts go out to the people of Belize and especially their islands. We will still experience severe storm conditions and you should remain alert and prepared. As of last night the Government has stopped the sale of alcohol all over the State of Quintana Roo.

Volunteers are called for to help man the refuges in the colonia - you could be useful (and safe) rather than just hanging around waiting! Pickups from the Taxi stand at 12pm or just go to the Sindicata Taxistas from 12pm. 11am the Bomberos arrive at the Sindicata Taxistas and are available to help cut down tree branches. The refuges will take all people and children (no pets) they will start by filling the Taxi hall and then open each one as the need arrives. Jose Espinosa has donated 2 trucks for the day to help collect garbage - please if you have anything but domestic garbage make sure it is off the street and not a nuisance for your neighbours.

Please listen for public announcements - there is the possibility of a curfew being put in place for 36 hours. The sea is already high on the beach - please make sure you have you items off the floor and upstairs if possible
These four pictures were taken last night and show the beach which is normally full of fishing and snorkeling boats - now completely empty as they have all been taken to high ground.

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