Que Paso ? November 21st, 2008

A little late this month, it's just so hard to sit inside when the sun is smiling , a gentle breeze is blowing and the birds are singing. If you are not here yet you should be, there is nothing like a dose of Puerto Morelos to put the smile back on your face and for getting that 'I don't give a fig' feeling about the newspapers and their stories. The smell of varnish is in the air, electric saws whining cutting tiles (sorry Kris), hammers a tapping, trucks honking and the little carts with bells delivering tamales to the workers as we prepare for high season. There are lost looking tourists wandering the streets, peering at the strange animals in the bar at night and walking our beaches in the brilliant sunshine with a smile on their faces. We have had a lot of celebrations lately and town activities. Notably IMPLAN (responsible for urban planning) came in one day and took down ALL the signs lining the entrance road to Puerto Morelos. It has always been for us locals a source of fond amusement to watch the signs come and go as we enter the town, they carry the vagaries of weather or business changes but through all this we have been strengthened and warmed by the ones that remained solid. Goyo's sign that tells us as we enter Puerto Morelos to take a leap of faith (one of the things that most of us have done to live here) is down, and John Gray's La Suegra sign is down, and Brekkos, the most poignant, Shade's father's sign for a little dive snorkel shack at Casita del Mar, that we all knew and loved, is also finally down. Other changes in the town include a notable increase in the number of Police trucks and their continuous patrols; also somehow the total ban on dogs on the beach has evaporated and I can now take my early morning stroll with Alex in peace. The beach cleaning has increased and extended, I think our new mayor must be on a roll. The cycle of Nature has affected the beach in the last year too, in the photo to the right you will see the old Ceiba del Mar pier, the whole section on the left was one year ago completely under sand, so the shape of the beach is quite different too. From a dry and cracked mangrove with dead fish we now have the mangrove full of life and water after nearly 2 months of rain. Did you know the Spanish word for wood pecker is carpentario - carpenter? In my intrepid adventure to get you the photos of the sign destruction I came upon this crocodile lazing next to the footpath where everyone walks and bicycles! Now to our restaurants - there have been changes and moves galore. The best way to see the whole list of who is what and where now is to go to my link on the right side of this blog which I recently fully updated, if you are too lazy you can just click here. You will of course need to know that Mama's Bakery has moved again into Cettina's old shop (Pixan) next to the dive shop and the fish taco stand and Artisolo. Great new location, new items on the menu too ( I liked the scrambled egg nachos) and more space and good coffee. Seen at the soft opening were Jack and Jean from Villa Shanti coming ahead of the yoga groups this year, Jack looking remarkably well after his multiple heart bypass operation this year. They were reminiscing about Puerto Morelos 30 years ago, they have seen some incredible changes. Across from Habaneros is the little Peskayito' s, seafood tacos and a variety of dishes, very reasonable prices, becoming a favourite with the locals. El Michoacan, in the 'mall' next to the super, will be a big hit this summer, they have icereams by the scoop and on a stick with milk or with water and with whole fruit. I had the blackberry one with whole blackberries (15p) YUM! Lots of variety, coconut, guayabero, jamaica and chocolate of course. Oh yes there was Halloween and Day of the Dead. Halloween celebrated at Habaneros was a treat with everyone making a special and surprising effort with Kris pretending to be Ed, Mike as a ballerina (mmm really scary), Randy did his own monster makeup and there was also Alladin's Lamp. Trick or Treat was organised into groups and I was for a change ready for them in time. Really adorable outfits on the little ones and a fun time had by us all. Erection night was also celebrated at Habanero's with some surprising late runs at the polls - votes came in at Darwin (the barkeep) 3, Randy 2, Chili (the chihuahua) 2, Frank 5, Ed 5, McCain 7, Naty 9 and Obama a resounding 24. Yay!!!Blue Marlin may have closed but the charming Eric is now running a tour company from Puerto Morelos with various eco adventure tours you can get to his site by clicking here. Alma Libre bookstore is opening with a new load of books for us all, used and brand new releases and their great collection of books about Mexico and its culture. Surprisingly during low season the mini Super started carrying books and magasines in english, 'Bridges of Madison County'. 'Men are from Mars', GQ, Vogue (up to date!) , People and various other holiday reading material. So we should be all set this year. Happy to report no burglaries just some attempted break-ins. Cindy Paiva is compiling an email list of neighbours to alert if there are any suspicious activities, if you would like to be on her list please drop her a line clubpaiva49er@msn.com. We are also organising another community meeting (date in December TBA) to followup on our last get together with the US Consul from Merida, Karen Martin. Also attending will be the representatives from the Cozumel and Cancun offices, the new Chief of Police from Cancun, head of Tourism for Benito Juarez, the Mayor and hopefully the Canadian Consul. We will be discussing security in our puebla, what improvements are possible and how the construction of the all inclusives affects us. Edenh Resort opened this month south of El Cid and construction has started adjacent to that on the Royal Resorts Grand Residence, time share luxury condos. That's half of South Beach gone. They had somewhat of a setback during our deluge but are back to filling in the mangrove again. Also opened this month and last are the huge all inclusives Azul Sensatori and Secrets Silversand just north of PM and about to open is Paradise Peninsula huge condo development and huge new AI between UNAM and Excellence.
Anna has started an english school she has paying students and also donates her time for needier children, so if you know anyone who wants to learn english her rates are very reasonable. Click HERE for the link for more information
El Mundo para Puerto Morelos, the charity for PM, is getting ready for the influx of tourists and lots of promised donations. Happy to tell you that Jill Yager has stepped up to be our schools co-ordinator, visting the schools and discovering what's needed most. She is currently working on a sponsorship programme. The approximate costs to sponsor one child for a year : school fees - 200 p, supplies (pencils, paper, etc.) - 200 p, uniform - 200 p. That works out to less than $60 US for one child per year. There is also a small breakfast program for children. They get milk, crackers, some sort of fruit daily. This cost is only 26 pesos for an entire month per child. That's about $2.50 US!! A person could easily could adopt 100 kids for a month! If you are interested in being part of this programme please let us know. Your donations can be made in the US as well, see the right hand side of the blog. It was Mexican Independence celebration this week and was marked by a schools parade with the children showing their sport and music skills, the senior citizens marched as well as a parade of taxis, construction and water trucks. I got to meet the captain of the Puerto Morelos Little League baseball team who invited everyone to come and see them play at the baseball field in the afternoons of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you could do a search in your garages they are really in need of balls, bats, helmets and shirts for the little ones, they would appreciate the help. Just let me know if you need us to come and pick up from your hotel or drop things at Mama's Bakery or Dive in Puerto Morelos. Saturday December 13th there will be an end of the year celebration at El Rey Polo club, there will be a polo match between club members and a special menu in the restaurant. El Rey is also starting a tour programme which includes, horse riding, four wheeling to a cenote, bicycle riding and lunch at the Club. I'll let you know when it is launched.
For the first time in Cancun there is an International Tennis Open with major international and mexican players being held at Club Casablanca on Bonampak, November 24-30, info 8021048/49/50 or cbtennis@casablanca.com.mx
Looks like our usual winter Blues Band will not be with us this year but Jimmy the bass player is here with his lovely wife Silvie and they want to know if there are any other musicians going to be here that would like to play some music while they are in Puerto? Drop me a line and I'll pass it to Silvie. During the big rains in October we had one night where a flash storm came in and Ken and Kathy came home to Casa Sante Fe just as a huge red lightning flash hit. In the morning they discovered the Hobi Cat in front of their house had scored a direct hit!
The High School in the Puerto has had some of its empty classrooms handed over to become a training school. It is a government opportunity to train as bar, room and kitchen staff. At a very low cost people are being trained and given a certificate greatly helping their ability to secure employment. Bar Ixchel is back pleasing the beach crowd, open in the day for cold beers and beach cocktails and next Sunday the first barbecue for the season with the Famous Jamaican Ray cooking. The full moon party recently had a roaring beach bonfire and it was a lovely night for lying around looking at the moon . Martine (L'Oazis) was there celebrating her wedding to Gilles with enough cantagious happiness for everyone.
Casa de Cultura in Puerto Morelos is inviting you all to join in their wonderful activities which include African Dance Tue & Wed 10am, Salsa Mon & Wed 10am (998 1436960), Guitar lessons start Tue 4pm (998 1557215), Contemporary Dance Wed 9am Tue 6.30pm (998 2022533), Hip Hop Sat 1pm (998 1231381), Pilates Mon, Wed, Fri 7am and 7pm. Yoga Tue, Thu, Sat 6am. There are also arts and crafts acitivites for children as well as judo, tae kwon do, capoeira, ballet and circus arts. Noteworthy as well is the Environmental Education Activities on Saturdays : environmental education and camps, health, sports, food and nutrition. Mayan culture, history and anecdotes of Puerto Morelos and various recreational activities. For more information on any of the above: (998) 1557215, casaculturapuertomorelos @prodigy.net.mx. This is a non-profit activity and if you can help out they would appreciate your assistance.
Thanksgiving is coming and all our major restaurants in PM are presenting something special, Habaneros has a dinner for 250p and Vickie Sharp will deliver a full traditional whole turkey Thanksgiving dinner enough for 12 people to your door! 400 dollars 871 0112 Vsharp@prodigy.net.mx .

My best wishes for you to always be rich in happiness and health.

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