Finding a moment's peace in Ubud.

Over the next few days this site will update with various episodes from over the last few weeks of travel and adventure, I want you to see where I am writing to you from. I am in a home stay in central Ubud, in Bali, Indonesia, that is the large and ornate split level terrace of the room you can see. My family has been coming to Bali since 1974 as it is an easy jump from Australia to this wonderful warm and welcoming island. If not for the devastating Islamic bombings in October 2002, I may well have been living here rather than Puerto Morelos. I am sitting in Sania's Bungalows, which I sought out to get some peace so that I could write. It has WiFi and a pool and is close to the groovy cafes and shops that Mum likes so best of both worlds . Most Balinese families are Hindu and live in family groups, often with a backyard of rice or farm animals but nowadays many places build bungalows for tourists on that land. The family temple is next to my room, the temple has various structures representing ancestors. They started building in timber there today (bang bang bang) , on the other side is a shop that faces the street where they are doing carpentry repairs (tap tap tap), in front of me the little kids who have not gone to school are doing what little kids do (giggles, songs, chatter, tears, boo! yah! bang bang - in the photo they are playing with shadow puppets watched over by a statue of Vishnu and Shiva) and out the back they are building 2 new bunglaows (tap, bang, tap, tap brrrr tap). On top of that there are incessant rooster calls ( cockadoodle doo doo door), caged tropical birds (squawk, oo, oo, caccle, oo oo ah) coming from throughout the neighbourhood, the gentle flap of overhead kites, phones ringing, dogs barking, cats mewling, people coming and going and the sound of scooters in the nearby alleys (putputput purr purrr, toot toot) !! In the air the constant smell of incense from offerings, clove cigarettes and the gentle scent of frangipanni of course. This is my small world right now and you may say not unlike Mexico. From here I will attempt to write

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