Que Pasa? September 23, 2010

Apparently, Mexico has had more rain this year than in recorded history and its still raining! It is a relief from the heavy heat and as a bonus no hurricanes have come our way to date. People are returning home to Puerto after their mid year vacations (welcome back Dom, Linda, Martina and all the builders from Chemax!) and the first arctic terns were seen flying south yesterday, we look forward to a great high season. Independence Day was celebrated in Puerto Morelos with a great deal of camaraderie and several nights of Parque fun, on the final night I joined the family table at El Pirata, they were very welcoming! I loved the little Burrito stand in the Parque and Churreria of course! There was a competition for best food - won by the restaurant at Ceiba del Mar. On the night of the 15th there was a big cultural presentation and a military tattoo and a great fireworks display. The next big public event is on September 30th when we celebrate the birth in 1765 José Maria Morelos who was one of the founders of Mexico and a great military strategist in the War of Independence - the events start at 8am in the Park and go through to 10am.The Little Mexican Cooking School opens its doors for its second season in the first week of October and will be introducing a new chef, Pablo Espinosa from Nayarit by way also of Squamish, Canada. His brainchild, Cafe Maya, serving fresh and healthy versions of Mayan fare, was awarded the CRITICS CHOICE AWARD in Squamish in 2008. Please let your friends and clients know to book early as we are filling up the seats, you can book here. We are also launching budget priced rooms at the school and coming soon a community garden complete with composting! Interesting new site for expats gave us a boost Ex PatsBlogs and we were featured on Michele McKinnon's great site Life's a Beach too. Diary Note - Don't miss Taste of Playa in Playa del Carmen this year - local chefs showing off their skills, lots of fun November 21st 2pm-9pm, see their list of participants this year here. There is a surprising amount of building taking place, 2 locations are rebuilds from Hurricane Wilma 2005 (Casita del Mar and the front villa of Playasol) . There is also another house going up on Rojo Gomez and of course the mangrove has been grazed for the next big hotel, Royal Residences. So even in this recession Puerto Morelos keeps growing!The charity, El Mundo para Puerto Morelos, recently contributed YOUR funds to build this pool, it forms part of the DIF (Social Services) Rehabilitation Centre and will be used to as a healing and exercise centre for the physically challenged of the community. The charity really needs people to volunteer time - if you know someone here who could take on a project (fire department, local school, medical centre, elderly care..) please let us know, a little Spanish helps. Schools always need coloured paper, pens, coloured pencils, glue, staplers, scissors, spanish dictionaries, cleaning equipment, basketball hoop nets, writing books, wall posters, clinics need medical supplies and much more.   Thank you for your continued donations, there will be more news of our activities in the next newsletter. The beach Bar Ixchel has made some great new alterations which should make it more comfy with the new Manager Claudio taking over for the high season. Independence day was also celebrated by a big Charrerria, Mexican Rodeo, held
on a ranch on the highway 4.5km from Cancun on a brilliant sunny day with an appreciative crowd. There was an excellent cultural presentation and about 20 vaqueros showing us their riding skills. Regrettably, they had only been supplied with 4 little bulls and they were so tired that they just sat down after a while and refused to move (pretty funny actually) The wonderful escaramusas, lady skill riders, were there doing their formation riding and there was great food and games for the children. What's new around town? Well there's a pocket of activity in the area near Mama's Bakery with a new Money change and internet location adjacent to tacos.com, Mauro's massage company is being manned by the charming Ric Santana, JJs is there too although not new they have developed the menu and have good quick light fare. You might think it inappropriate to have a photo of the Qantas A380 but I flew back on this beauty from Sydney and it was the best flight of my life (except for the one with that British Airways captain but that's another story). It's the largest
passenger airline in the world, the Super Jumbo but take offs and landings were barely noticeable. A spare seat next to me and a handsome young doctor the other side so an excellent flight! There was a flash rumour going around that Julia Roberts was in a film being made at Dreams, turns out not, just a promo video for the hotel - for which they removed all the palapas in front of the hotel and levelled the sand (removing several boat owners tie downs in the process), the director told me they wanted the beach to look all clear, truth in advertising? Quote for today in honour of Leonard Nimoy who retired earlier this year: "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true" Dr Spock, Star Trek

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