Casa Sirena

Quote for fit out of Condominium C3 in Casa Sirena

This quote based on the sketches and measurements already forwarded to Kathy Kosnoff. This is an open book quote where all contractor quotes are declared and all item purchases declared, provision of the quote and supervision of the work is 20% additional.

Includes creating kitchen bench with stone top with shelf underneath, leaving a space for the refridgerator and stove and washer (if required) and installing the extractor, building the built in wardobe (7 spaces) with shelving and table area untiled and space for a mirror. Includes building and tiling 2 half walls in the bathroom and bathroom cabinet with river pebbles on top and around mirror and a niche with shelves and creating window above toilet. Create canal for wiring to wall lamps and refinish walls in bedroom and lounge and reseal and repaint the whole apartment (not ceiling). 39,760.00

Install 2 airconditioners, 2 fans, install light switches and power points, stove top, install lamps, install sinks and toilet, check and identify all wiring in the fuse box, instal new fuse box 9,500p

Made to measure 3 kitchen cabinet doors and one long shelf above, 4 shelves opposite and matching timber cover to fuse box, 3 doors on wardrobe, 2 doors for bedroom and bathroom entry, bathroom cabinet door, restore front door 31,000.00

Bathroom window 50x70 with obscured glass shutters, bathroom mirror oval 100x62x6 and mirror above table in bedroom 1.3x1.4 attached with buttons 2500.00

TELEBODEGA - Mabe single door fridge 118cmhigh 3490
BOSCH glass electric stove top , touch dials 8890
(GE electric stove top metal with hobs and dials 4699)
BOSCH carbon filter extractor 3149 (I bet you can buy this half the price in the States and bring it in)
HAIER 12000btu air con units 3590 x 2 = 7180
(mid range prices range 10100- 3000) wooden basic base 1890
INTERCERAMIC green glass tiles 20x20 for splashback in kitchen 1185
Grecia 29x60 and trim 3025 (used this tile in the Mariposa upstairs bathroom)
The gorgeous but expensive Extreme Trekking tile 30x60 for bathroom 4312
(or or really cheap beige tile Home depot 30x60 for 1200p)
cement and grout 660
JOBEN green slate for kitchen bench 2324
Cream coloured river pebbles for bathroom 550
2 sets CURTAIN rods and supports 820
Curtain fabric and manufacture, double, 4500
Hinges and door and cupboard knobs 1100
Toilet 2450
Shower head and switcher (2384) , sanitary kit, bathroom taps, kitchen taps, bathroom lamp, 4 wall lamps, kitchen and entry lamps, bathroom accessories, light globes 9680
CEILING FANS Southwind x 2 = 3200
LIGHT switches and power points 750 (plain)
5 buckets of paint and sealant, brushes rollers, plastic est: 5300p

ADDITIONALS These are other items I am suggesting
PIER ONE 2 seater green cane lounge 6599 single seat cane chair 3599. Seat cushions 1999 and 1149 but I can get these hand made much cheaper. I think Pier One is really expensive and hope I can find this elsewhere, but just want to know if you like it? We could look at those 2 seaters at Munoz' place on the highway too.
Telebodega Dining table very basic 3295 p
WASHER/DRYER Samsung in Sears 65cm high 13099 plus installation, this can go in the kitchen bench on the outside facing the front door, we can make a wooden door to conceal it. Telebodega washer dryer DAEWOO 7260 but it's 82cm high so above the bench height
TELEVISION flat screen wall mounted SONY 32" 9995 (Telebodega) plus installation. Wall mount 1290p - for the wall next to the front door leading to kitchen.
BOOKSHELVES over table in bedroom instead of mirror est: 2000
COFFEE TABLE - hand made out of the same green slate stone as the kitchen bench top with a concrete painted base 2500.00. I love this idea.
Saucepan full set 14 pieces 1735
Cutlery 1290p
Also have been thinking about the balcony and something like these fake trees might be good to try and create some privacy there - balcony furniture and fake trees are not included in pricing so far


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