Que paso? March 21

Greetings to all, isn't the weather just perfect? So happy to see all the smiling faces of our visiting friends from up North

All I can say is that the Municipality is trying. When they had to release the men in January because the funds hadn't come down from Cancun they also had to release the machinery we have got some of them back and they are trying to complete the approach road as you have seen, all going well they will move onto Rojo Gomez North next.

Remember as far as the Government is concerned we are classified as a rural community. In some of our home countries this would in effect mean greater subsidies but here it is the reverse, the money goes to the city as it is the most important. Rural communities (Puerto Morelos, Leona Vicario and Bonfil) have to request assistance continually.

Very succesful and fun day had by all. About 9 divers were out on the reef clearing rubbish and over 20 people down on South Beach, great weather for it too, let's hope it becomes an annual event.

Recently after an interaction with some food products in a small town outside Merida I decided I was either poisoned and about to die or more likely had the dreaded parasites that everyone always talks about. Lordy, I thought in 4 years I have never taken the treatment what must it be like in there. So I marched up to the pharmacy and picked up the generically recommended meds and started my doses. From feeling sick I was now immobile for 2.5 days and stretched out with zero energy. Then they relocated Niagara Falls to my stomach, you could hear it sitting across from me, quite entertaining really. So I dragged myself to Dr Mondragon who gave me the lecture! Don't self diagnose, over the years diagnosis of parasites has become much more specific and it is much better for your whole well being to take the correct medicine for the specific parasite. On top of that the water and food in this region has improved in cleanliness and freshness dramatically over the last 15 years making it very much less likely that you will get parasites. He said it was more likely poison in the form of not so fresh salsa or similar. So what I had effectively done was completely delete all the flora and fauna from my tummy but Dr Mondragon was able to help with fixing that cheaply and effectively . So see your doctor first!

Sadly we are losing Dr Mondragon as of today, he is returning home until next high season. We are scouting for a replacement for the afternoon shift, any ideas?

The new medical clinic in Puerto has opened, they have a basic set up for right now but is certainly a great improvement on the last clinic, they are open 8am-8pm right next door to the old clinic opposite the beach near the high school.

Alberto Ak Be is 11 years old and lives in the colonia, diagnosed with leukemia when he was 3, long term chemotherapy and radiotherapy has left him with severe psychological disorders. Of course he needs further treatment and now a visit to Mexico City. We will meet with him, his family and Dr Taboada this week and bring you more details in the next letter to see how we can help them.

Now open for beach breakfast between 8am-11am fruit , eggs, coffee, toast. American and Mexican breakfasts

Now open for dinner WED-SUN from 6pm , specialising in fondues, also with fish, steak and salads.


Music of the World for a conscious planet.

There will be exhibitions in the Park of sustainable technology, ecology education, health alternatives, natural products and handicrafts.

From 6pm both days there will be music from Bandikoro (afrofusion), Tambodjee (latin fusion), I and I (reggae), Camilo Nu (flamenco-jarocho), Gamoso (free funk fusion), Malinké (afro beat), Nomhadas( global groove), Dharma( indu fusion), Dr Reggae (reggae), Guadalopp (electro funk) MAB ( minimal acousitc) and DJ's.

There will also be fire dancing and video projections of art, submarine imagery (Jeronimo) and various other video artists, childrens entertainment, didgeridoo and capoeiras.

THU 7.30
Olas Blues Band with Mike Manzur
FRI 7.00pm
No music in support of the Pulso Terra concert in the Park
SAT 7pm
No music in support of the Pulso Terra concert in the Park

Pulso Terra After party!
Both Friday and Saturday all night long international DJ's (USA, Holland, Mexico) with beer 15 pesos 'til midnight
Bring that Funk and Rock back - tribute to the 50's, 60's and 70's

SUN 2pm-5pm
Mini concert on the beach starting off with Billy Cantwell

7:00 PM James McLean - Blues and Jazz

Wed and Sat 8pm
Sth American Music

Lounge music daily
12 to 3 pm and from 6 to 10:30 pm

THU 7.30
Live dinner music
FRI 7.30
Flamenco Trio
SAT 7.30
Flamenco Trio
MON 7.30
Latin American music with dance
TUE 7.30
Bossanova jazz

Don't ever let me hear anyone say nothing every happens here, Muerto Morelos indeed..I wish that was true then I wouldn't be sitting here writing to you on a beautiful day like this!



Don't forget we always need money and goods for the charity, the problems don't go away with just the little bit we do each day so please remind all your visitors and people you meet that we have a great charity run by locals doing direct work for the schools and families and that we accept cheques, travellers cheques, donated goods and more details of these at www.almalibrebooks.com/elmundo.htm and www.vivapuertomorelos.com.

From the US and Canada : Cheques may be made out to Commonwealth Housing Corp and in the memo line write FBO: El Mundo para Puerto Morelos and send to their on the ground co-ordinator c/o Kay McMillan, 4115 Honeycomb Rock Circle, Austin, Texas 78731-2015 and they will be transferred to Puerto Morelos and they will receive official acknowledgement.

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