Snorkeling Adventures on the Reef

Puerto Morelos is fringed with the Grand Mayan Reef, 2nd longest in the world and offers snorkelers the opportunity to see fish and coral close to the surface in gentle waters close to shore.

You can book a snorkel tour through the local dive shops or go along with our friendly guides who are waiting for you at the main town pier US25 per person including snorkel gear and jackets, 1,5 hour tour to 2 different locations, only a 5 minute boat ride to the reef. You can snorkel from shore but the reef is not to be missed.
Anyone who can swim can learn to snorkel, it just takes a little practice. Two tricks are to spit inside your mask before putting it on (so your mask won't fog up) and make a strong "TOO" sound to blow the water out of your snorkel. Beginners might want to practice from the beach, we have no real waves making it much easier there.

The area's fish are not dangerous unless you bother them by chasing, cornering or poking them. When on the reef, absolutely don't touch or stand on the coral. It looks like rock, but is a living creature which is killed by touch. Coral grows so slowly, that breaking off a tiny piece could undo 10 years of growth. Instead, look for pieces of dead coral on the beach. This is a National Park so our reef is guarded carefully and we ask you to refrain from wearing sunscreen as well as not touching the coral.


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If you have you snorkeled or dived in Puerto Morelos, I need your help and would be very grateful if you would be willing to participate in a survey.

I am interested to learn about people's experiences snorkeling and diving in the region of Cancun (including Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen...), and more specifically in Puerto Morelos.

I'm a biologist, and I am currently working on a project which aims to gather support and benefits to help protect the Mesoamerican reef. More information is provided within the questionnaire.

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