Que Paso June 28 Puerto Morelos Newsletter

At the Races - Last Sunday 3pm
There are races held irregularly and we managed to hear about the day at Rancho San Jose de Los Camotes and what a lot of fun that was! Anyone who tried to follow my directions from last week - I am really sorry about that! We will report when we hear of more race dates. The race track is 3 lanes marked off to 200 or 300 barras (a Spanish word used only in horse racing) and there were 10 races of 2 horses each. Everyone backs their trucks up to the track and the men wander around on the track between races up to the last minute like the running of the bulls! Lots of money changes hands - someone will walk up to you and want to bet 500p on one horse so you take the money and keep it if you win or he will come and find you and take 1000p if you lose. While the bets are being taken they walk the horses around in the crowd and then take them down to the start gate. You are so close when they go past that you are hit by the wind and the flying dirt from hooves. There were barbecue goat sandwiches which were delicious with ice cold beer although the fellow reaching his arms into the meat to serve you was a little scary! It was 50 pesos entrance and hours of plain fun.

Ceiba del Mar's Mangrove Road
Ceiba del Mar has started work on extending the road from their car park along the back of the houses to their north but only plan to take it half way and turn right to the beach alongside where Dinah Drago and the Schaeffers are. There is permission to take the rear road all the way through to the Aquaculture centre but I suppose money is talking. There are definite concerns about this as the road will effectively be like building a dyke on that corner, which raises the water on the mangroves threatening them the same as the issue at El Cid, it may also make it difficult for residents to exit in case of flood. Various government departments have been inspecting and there was a direction to remove an relocate the chit palms in the vicinity - six men were there yesterday with no supervisor, no water, no shade from the sun and no way to remove store and relocate the palms. If you want to know more about this please call the manager of Ceiba, Juan, and ask him to please explain!

Secret meeting about Cruise Ships for PM
Last night there was a meeting at Ojo de Agua (quelle surprise) to which very few people were invited or notified. There is a serious proposal to build a cruise ship terminal at Punta Brava (south side of South Beach) and introduce the wonders of cruise ships to PM. They are telling everyone how glorious this will be for the town - you all know that this will change PM into just another commercial junk stop and bring nothing but problems to the town. The citizens once again expressed their dislike of the proposal there were some supporters but still mostly against. Apparently the Director of IMPLAN is involved (did you know he is a realtor and sold the last big beach property here?)Please take action to stop this - write or call or email- here are some names and addresses:

Desarallo Urbano - Ing. E.V. Heyden Cebada Ramirez, Director General de Desarollo Urbano, Palacio Municipal P.B., Av Tulum #5 SM5, www.cancun.gob.mx or desarollourbano@cancun.gob.mx. To the same address - Arq. Santhy Montemayor C., Director de Zonification e Imagen Urbana and Arq. Enna Rosa Dzib Heredia, Directora de Normatividad de Obras Arquitectonicas y Civiles and Ing. Andres Nieto Foullon, Director Obras Publicas

Paradisus Meeting about tall buildings and the Plan!
And today at Paradisus a meeting about getting permission to build 8 story buildings at Paradisus and south of El Cid, will it ever end? The same group of people involved in the cruise ship lobby are involved in the proposal to increase the height restrictions in Puerto Morelos. The Director of IMPLAN, Sr. Hassau, who sold the beach block next to Amar Inn, has been talking about building a beautiful new entrance to PM and fixing our streets as well as supporting the increased building height! Imagine an 8 story building over that block.

Going to Merida?
Check out YucatanLiving.com, see the link on my right. It just makes you weep to see how much is going on in that town. Great for your visiting guests. It is a really well designed site and features an interview with yours truly!

Dog Day and Ojo de Agua
Today on the beach were 2 trucks from the Dept of Sanitation. I was alone on the beach between Tuna and Ceiba and they roared up to me and said they were going to take Alex - I said no it was legal to have a dog on the leash on the beach - see the sign! They said no no dogs at all and the head man ordered men out of the back of the truck to take my dog - we ran! Apparently there is a new federal law banning dogs from the beach - we will fight this. I went to talk to Felix at Ojo de Agua well known to support this and he said that it was to stop people from Cancun bringing their dogs and to keep the tourists happy. So lets see in one week we have this hotel stopping locals from walking their dogs and supporting cruise ships in PM - do you still want to support that place?

I know this is a picture of an empty plate but boy they were good. Oysters bought at Soriana this week were fantabulous. Shuck them yourself if you can, they were really fresh and had that ocean taste, squeeze of lime, heaven.


Fernanda in Calle Galéon 15b in Villas Morelos is offering 2 for 1 facials, 2 full facials for 300 pesos June and July only . Fernanda used to work in the hotel zone and now works from home so she can be with her little girl 998 1891466

Dinner at Bacabs recently where they have revamped Gustavo's grill area and served an excellent Filet Mignon, such a pretty view too.

Vieja Pescador
In their new location between Pelicano's and Baraka, Vieja Pescador still has some of our favourite staff and a beautiful spot on the beach. The menu has not changed and I had some fish fillets that were fine, Bioné was cooking so they were not overdone. Valerie really enjoyed her Chile Rellenos.

has closed and the business is up for sale - anyone feel like being enterprising for the high season?

MIKE MANZUR pure Blues

DR Reggae, good time music

Alvin and Tato from Costa Tecnocolor
Rasta and Pepis from Tuna!!!

FRIDAY 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Billy Chapman
SUNDAY 12:00- 5:00 pm.
Rosy Flores and Billy Chapman
Happy Hour 5-7pm every day
Check out those breaded shrimp

FRI 7.30
Flamenco Trio
SAT 7.30
Flamenco Trio
MON 7.30
Latin American music with dance
TUE 7.30 w
Bossanova jazz

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