Que Paso? July 5

Welcome to the Puerto Morelos Newsletter.
We have had somewhat of a week of festivals and surprises. Weather continues thick and hot with rumbling clouds in late afternoon. Beach is full of holiday makers and the children are out of school. (If you click on an image you get a full page version.)
Presidents' Visit
Who's coming? Everyone wanted to know which bigwig was coming to town on Tuesday. Early morning there were truckloads of workers sweeping streets, painting curbs, trimming shrubs, spotters talking to building sites about clearing their rubbish and believe or not road workers! Three truck loads of them filled the holes in Rojo Gomez, (Jack and Jean they made it to Villa Shanti, just missing right in front of Raija's house) and then ran out of materials just when they got to the cenote in front of Casa Lalita. President Alor from Cancun (head of Benito Juarez) was paying the town a visit, he'd been hearing of some unhappy campers here and wanted to make sure all his election promises were being carried out. These promises include road and park maintenance, street cleaning,ade it all the way to Villa Shanti, for some reason air conditioning and maintenance and computers in schools and the library, a senior citizens residence in the colonia, 2 more doctors for the weekend shift in the public clinic and then 2 more to increase the hours to 24 hours. Apparently El Cid had promised to put in a separate bicycle track on the entrance road at the same time as laying more cable for expanded electricity capability. President Alor will return in 30 days to make sure this work is being carried out.

All the schools have their graduation ceremonies this week and I have the honour of being invited. It was a delight to see how happy the students were, how proud the parents and I was tickled pink for them as well. There were speeches, diplomas and dancing, very happy occasions. Photos are from the Technical High School on the beach and the kindergarten, Cinco de Mayo, in the Colonia.

Casa de
wants you to know about a great dance teacher Carmen Issler, who is teaching in Playa del Carmen , fusion African and Modern dance, classes are 100 pesos. Apart from being a wonderful form of expression, dance is also great for your breathing, flexibility and co-ordination. Carmen is a choreographer, dancer and teacher and has worked and studied in Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Paris, New York and Jamaica. Her cell number here is 984 1385835

Dr Feeling
Dr Carlos had a big week of free paediatric treatments last week with the visiting guests Mrs.Tamra Tacree M.D (support by Ellija`s Church Atlanta Ga) and Dr. Tomasz Haussleber,Pediatric Surgeon. We are all grateful for their work and the donation of equipment and supplies. They treated 146 children paediatric examinations and medication. Two children with cerebral palsy were sent for physiotherapist evaluation and dental treatment. One child needed a paediatric gastroenterologist due to intestinal bleeding. This child's treatment and others needing additional specialist help were paid for by Dr Carlos association. So go and support him at Tuna's tonight!

Fishing Co-op Prices
Great catches all week long for the fishermen and we are back in lobster , yum.season Here's a little list of the prices at the fishing co-op so you know what you or your guests are supposed to pay
Lobster tails 380p per kg, Boquinete (hogfish) 50p per kg
Mero (grouper) 60p per kg, Mojara 35p per kg
Coronado 45p per kg, Corel 35p per kg, Cabrilla 50p per kg

The El Rey Polo and Country Club, (Ruta de Cenotes, Centro Vallarta) is opening its doors to you for horse riding lessons. They will be having beginners classes as well as advanced riding techniques and polo technique and tactics. You have your lesson in the tranquil grounds of El Rey and the surrounding country side with Eduardo, an accomplished polo player and teacher. Prices are reasonable 4 lessons for 1600 pesos over one month or 8 lessons a month for 2800 pesos. Please call Eduardo 998 8741385 to make a time.

The wonderful whale sharks are back and happy in the waters off Isla Holbox. Our friends at the restaurant Caracol are helping people get to see theses great wonders please contact them if you want help in getting to the location and booking a trip - 998 871 0232 or info@coracol-hotel.com

They claim to have the best in town - all made with natural fruits in a variety of flavors. Avellana de cacao, capuccino, coco, chocolate, piƱa, mango, elote, mamey, guanabana, tamarindo, nuez, fresa, cajeta, vanilla, napolitano, durazno, limon, oreo, etc.

MIKE MANZUR legendary rocker,
if you haven't seen him, you should check it out

I and I from Merida
Luis Rasta lavish entertainment for you - uy, uy, uy


FRIDAY 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Billy Chapman
SUNDAY 12:00- 5:00 pm.
Rosy Flores and Billy Chapman
Happy Hour 5-7pm every day
Check out those breaded shrimp

FRI 7.30
Flamenco Trio
SAT 7.30
Flamenco Trio
MON 7.30
Latin American music with dance
TUE 7.30 w
Bossanova jazz


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