Que Paso? June 15th

Computer issues, power issues at the house, car problems, workmen everywhere when I've just had the floors cleaned, normal day in Puerto Morelos. We have a lot of visitors in town which is great and everyone is gearing up for the July and August season. It has rained for days and days but clear skies now. It was enough rain for us to discover all the new leaks and to make the gardens go crazy with delight. And the beach is just fabulous.

Here is a music update and a few gratuitous around town photos taken today (June 15th) in case anyone is missing home or are on their way here.

Have to say thanks to Cynthia and Jeronimo who cleaned out their houses and donated all sorts of great things for the next charity bazaar! We will turn these things into money that helps the families of Puerto Morelos, keep it coming.

We also had four lovely young people staying at El Dorado who bought a suitcase full of goodies for the schools, thank you guys, hope to see you back here soon.


MIKE MANZUR pure Blues

DR. REGGAE (playa del carmen)


FRIDAY 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Billy Chapman
SUNDAY 12:00- 5:00 pm.
Rosy Flores and Billy Chapman
Happy Hour 5-7pm every day


Santa Mostazza Crew - electro tech
Rasta sound system - reggae


"Spanish Fabada weekend"
Fabada is a thick soup made with "Fabes" (large white beans), beacon, chorizo and lot's of love!; a very traditional Spanish dish

FRI 7.30
Flamenco Trio
SAT 7.30
Flamenco Trio
MON 7.30
Latin American music with dance
TUE 7.30
Bossanova jazz

Marthe and Andreas want us all to get healthy with Goji Juice, if you are interested please visit their site www.marand.trygoji.com. Saturday June 23rd from 12.30pm - 3pm there is a free presentation by the Royal Ambassador to Puerto Rico about Himalaya Goji juice at the Hotel Hacienda Radisson in Cancun downtown. All welcome.

Best to all and don't forget to tell your friends and clients visiting PM to bring some of the things on our needs list - you can see the list on Frank's site which you can link to through this blog.

Catriona Brown
El Mundo para Puerto Morelos SC


Unknown said...

Hello folks, Let me start by saying that soon as I grow up, I wannabe just like Catriona!!!
(mentaly, not physicaly !!!)

My wife and I are plannig on a early retirement, scheduled for May 2010 and we are on the edge of moving to Mexico, our interest lays in the PM areas. We, of course are a little too youg to completelly retire (50) so, after a few months of "getting the feel" of the place, I will be looking at a way to create a modest living. We are not quite the "green" folks as it pertains to Mexico, as we have travel to this magnificient country on a yearly basis for many years now, and are finaly in a position to leave the "rat race" for good.
I have an extensive background in tourisum, sales and as a Certified Health, Safety and Environment consultant.
I would love to read from anyone who made the "big move" latelly and who would be willing to give us a hand in "the making" of this old dream of ours. We will be on site for the last time prior to "the big move" this Jan.15-29.

If your interested in becoming our new best friends LOL, send us a line at: ch13@telus.net

Shawn & Claude

Catriona Brown said...

Hey Guys you posted a comment on a page on my blog that is two years old! You may get a better response posting on the current one - January 6, 2010