Que Paso? June 6

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our weekly news spot for Puerto Morelos. The charity will soon have its own website in the meantime Frank keeps the list of goods on his site for us www.vivapuertomorelos.com also at http://www.almalibrebooks.com/elmundo.htm.

So rainy season started. Really started. A relief not to have to daily water 2 houses and it certainly keeps the dust down but oh the poor tourists. Lots of clothes washing went on yesterday and today, people ran in to Cancun to get supplies, bills paid etc. Temp dropped to 80F, (5.30pm) and we have full cloud cover, talk on the beach amongst the locals is what storms are coming. Have a look at the following if you are bored too, it explains predictions for this year and why they got it wrong last year, to do with El Niño versus La Niña: http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2007/s2864.htm.

Most adorable addition to town this week was a key cutting kiosk next to Villas Latinas, see pic of Eduardo and Amancia getting keys cut by Anai, the owner Martin's niece.

The Fishing Tournament was succesful for the fishermen not the fish, I guess that was the plan! The winner from Cancun brought in a 70kg White Marlin and a local fishermen got second prize with a 50 kg one, congratulations to all. Thanks for the pics Florencia - who, by the way, wants you all to know she is still performing nightly at Giaconda!

I was in the lovely Merida for the weekend and saw the start of the Yucatan Polo Club, very exciting. Soon we will have quite a group of Polo clubs in this area, Puerto Morelos, Cancun and Merida. If you are interested in being a player in Puerto Morelos or Merida please let us know. See Pic of polo players Paul, Xavier and Cousteau at the Yucatan Club party this weekend.

and the paper INTERNATIONAL did a launch in Puerto Morelos today. International is in English and prints international news provided by the BBC, they had some really interesting articles. Their local content is still 'in development' shall we say. The CEO of the paper, Miguel Ramón Martin Azueta, spoke eloquently and passionately about the paper and how he is keen to have Puerto Morelos involved and featured and how he wants our input. Of course they have already received some from me (Jack and Jean I've already pitched the roads issue) but if you want to send them information feel free: international@elquintanarroense.com

Our Botanic garden celebrated its 25th Anniversary yesterday June 5th. If you have not been in some time it really is worth a stroll, They've added a little ampitheatre, medicinal herb garden , palm garden, fern garden, there are Mayan ruins and a recreation of a chicle camp and lots of new signage on the plants

The traditional Mexican sweat bath is not primarily used for ceremonial purposes, it is and was, as far back as has been traced, a therapeutic instrument, an arm of the medical practices developed in what anthropologists like to call, Mesoamerica, that vast area that now includes Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. We know it best, in its ancient forms, through the Aztecs, and Temazcal, as it is still called in contemporary Mexico, is a Nahuatl word, bath house. You can enjoy the healing effects of the Temazcal in Puerto Morelos call 044 998 1019546 or sign up at Amancia's for Friday or Saturday night 7.30pm 150 pesos

Ven. Tenzin Palmo's advice: "It is important to use our daily life: our relationships and family, our work, and social time, in fact everything we do, as our spiritual practice." and "We need to learn to open up the heart and to be able to give whenever we see a need. This means even little things. Not just material things, but smiles, a nice word. Time to listen, sometimes just being there for others." -- Tenzin Palmo
You can take part in meditation with the Venerable Tenzin Palma Saturday 10 June 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm at the Flex Gym in Avenida Luna on the corner of Alma in Cancun. More information on the order at www.gatsal.org and more information on the event on 044 998 7349073



Billy Chapman
Mike Manzur and Stratus Band (blues)
Dr Reggae


FRIDAY 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Billy Chapman
SUNDAY 12:00- 5:00 pm.
Rosy Flores and Billy Chapman
Happy Hour 5-7pm every day
Food special this week: full and half racks of baby back ribs with Dave's
homemade BBQ Sauce (Yummy stuff) and if you snorkel before you dine you can get a free beer, water, juice,
soda, and free appetizer.

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