Que Paso? July 13th

Teen workshop
This week El Mundo para Puerto Morelos teamed up with a Church group from Cancun, Centro Cristiano Peniel Cancun. They had the initiative to set up a workshop for children and teenagers for this first week of the school holidays. The children have so much free time on their hands during the holiday the idea was to give them an opportunity for creative activities with live music, clowns, puppets and finishing with a small concert. El Mundo provided the venue at the Syndicate de Taxistas, cups, drinks and sweets. We look forward to working with them again and providing cultural activities for the community.
Doggie Business
Since the day of the white trucks we have been left in peace you will be pleased to hear. After their little altercation with me apparently they met Theresa, a neighbour of Diane's who gave them a piece of her mind, then Buffy and then a Mexican family who drew a machete on them. So no doubt there is pause for thought. We have also been told that under federal law your pet is considered 'bien meuble', part of the family and no-one can take them from you unless they are a menace to society. So lets keep keep our beach clean beach walkers, and also those of you who walk their dog on the street. We will stay under the radar if we keep our streets and beach clean. Thanks.
Cruise ship pier
There remains a lot of interest in the proposed cruise ship pier and what is needed is an active group to discover facts and bring them to all together with a plan of action. It is your town, you can save it but you need to put time and energy into it. Please talk to each other, the town needs your help on this one.
Riding lessons at the Polo Country Club
Here are a couple of pictures from horse riding lessons this week, the riding master and stables. It really is a lovely place to go for lessons. If you are interested please call Edouardo 998 8741385, an excellent teacher for beginners to advanced.
What's on in town
MIKE MANZUR legendary rocker,
La Flota
Mexico versus Hungary
Americas Cup final
Argentina versus Brazil

DJ Tato - costa tecnocolors
RAsta sound system

FRIDAY 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Billy Chapman
SUNDAY 12:00- 5:00 pm.
Rosy Flores and Billy Chapman
Happy Hour 5-7pm every day
I now have it on unbiased authority (Frank) that the breaded shrimp are superb

FRI 7.30
Flamenco Trio
SAT 7.30
Flamenco Trio
MON 7.30
Latin American music with dance
TUE 7.30 w
Bossanova jazz
And the best Spanish food in town, great ambience

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