Que Paso? August 15th

Thundery days and lightning shows at night, cooled down a lot this week. The charity has a lot of projects to achieve this year, we need your help, apart from money we need people to take on projects, please let me know if you can take one of the projects from our barrel, we'll give you a great head start and the town will benefit. You'll feel great!
Dog meeting last week spawned a petition which Deena was circulating, the result of this is yet to be known.
Spay and neuter clinic was very succesful over the last two days . 47 animals on the first day and 41 on Tuesday - bunny, cats and dogs. The wonderful people from VIDAS of Denver recruited vets from all over States and this year brought 3 x 3rd year students. They spent 2 days here and 3 days in Playa working from 8am to 7pm. Thanks to volunteers for intake, recovery and cleaning animals. Amazing job done by all. The whole community benefits. Thanks also to Lisa and Miguel for free accommodation for the volunteers at Playa Secreto Beach Villa - most generous.

Remember you need to care for your pets in a different way in the tropics - fleas, ticks and heartworm are normal occurrences and your pet needs to have constant treatment against them to prevent life threatening diseases and household infestations. Please ask our local vet Jorge for the best treatment for your pet - do not let them go untreated, the treatment and cost of the subsequent diseases is highly undesirable.

Last weekend another wonderful couple of days in Merida, really the gourmet capital of the Peninsula. Enjoyed watching a friendly game of Polo and then on Sunday a trip to Celestun - easy side trip to the East from Merida. This beach side community is famous for CRABS - we had stone crab claws - just delicious, crab ceviche, crab with butter, pulpo with garlic and prawn ceviche, 5 margaritas, beer and soft drinks for 900 pesos, sitting on the beach watching the world go by. Now why do we live here again?
On the way stopped in the small village of Hunucma famous for being the location of the proposed new Merida airport but also the home of Zapateria Franco, another of the Peninsula's artisans - I ordered a pair of hand made riding boots in his shop that smells of leather and history.
Don't forget to let your visitors know ( or remind yourself) that there is more than the normal fun in Merida next weekend - beach Polo is at the Progresso Pier on Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm. You get to watch the sport of Kings for free and party on the beach afterward. Sponsors include Corona, Coca Cola, Magra and Xtabentun
Click here for a handy piece of paper to have in your foreign plated car!
XpresSpa announces the opening of two new spas located at Cancun International Airport, Mexico in Terminals 2 & 3. You don’t have to buy a first class ticket to experience first class service and complete relaxation at the airport.
The XpresSpas will provide travelers with a full line of services including Massages, Waxing, Facials, Manicures and Pedicures. XpresSpa also carries a line of products and gift items see www.XpresSpa.com
Last week we ran a 3 day workshop in my house for the Puerto Morelos and Cancun Firemen and woman . El Mundo paid for one airfare for the three volunteer instructors. many thanks go to Billy Webb, instructor and retired fireman from Austin, Texas, and Lieutentant Enrique Medina and Javier Saucedo from the Bomberos of Saltillo, Mexico who flew down here to help our fire fighters. They wworked hard on their presentations and also mange to see some of Puerto Morelos - infact they saw the sea for the first time and went snorkeling, visited Playa del Carmen and swam in Tres Bocas. Theory classes were given on Rescue, CPR, First Aid and Hazardous Goods. 2 more manuals were donated along with 2 way radios, fire fighting gloves, items for the clinic and various fire and rescue books and we also purchased 2 dummies for CPR training and supplied sandwiches for snacks (thanks to Sandy) . We look to the future for further development of our relationship with Saltillo and Austin, working together we plan to purchase a new pumper for PM and support another training school in November.
El Mundo also bought 50 sport shirts for the runners to wear in the Firemen's Marathon
Pork meat: fresh, frozen, canned, sausage, dry, cooked or processed as long as the package indicates the origin ( maximum 15 kg per person).Poultry meat fresh or frozen, only from US States that are not quarantined as long as the stamp on the package specifies the state of origin ( maximum 3 turkeys or chicken per family)
Paté spread canned sterile poultry, as long as the stamp specifies origin, 3 pieces per person
Pasteurized liquid or powder milk, condensed , cheese fresh or aged, butter or cream as long as the packing stamp indicates origin 3 pieces per person. Processed products of potato vegetables, leaf vegetables, fruit, malt corcuma and toasted coffee. Flour or semola corn, wheat, oats, whole wheat, soy and rice. Nuts, dehydrated paper products (with the exeption of nogal if it comes from Texas, cajun nuts, other peeled nuts with weird names pistachios, salty toasted prunes, dried herbs and specialties.
All meat products must present in its package the inspection stamp form the USDA department of agriculture when they are from the USA and CFIA when they are from Canada. European and Latinamerican products are not allowed.
But use common sense and call to keep your self informed 551 91831000 x 34087/34800
ON everyone's mind at this time of year check HERE for storm approach news....
MUSIC WHAT'S ON - TUNA this week
Billy Chapman

Manzur Blues Band

Direct from Chile!! cover 50p
8:30 pm

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