Que Paso? August 1st

Back on line again! Cablemas has been down for 10 days and it has been a circus getting answers from them, they are apparently rewiring the town in preparation for provision of phone services. Oh goody, three things for Cablemas to manage.

I bring you no news this week on the development controversy or the Ceiba road - my roving reporters are still roving apparently. No news has two probabilities in my mind, they just don't have their act together yet OR they have gone underground because everyone made so much noise.

Thanks to all those wonderful people who took the time to write such eloquent and passionate letters in favour of retaining the integrity of PM, the copies are being stored in case printed versions are required at a later date.
"You folks have the power to hold onto one of your state's most serene, peaceful locations. There are some things in life that money cannot replace -- Puerto Morelos is one of them. Leave your big business and mass tourism in the big cities. Once you give up Puerto Morelos to those things, you will never get it back. That small section of Carribean frontage and Nationally protected reef are invaluable. Please do not allow it to be ruined."

Thinking of starting a separate newsletter for dogs, you have no idea how fast I receive news about dog issues compared to high rise development status.

Firstly, MONDAY AUGUST 6TH 6.30PM Amar Inn - meeting about doggy business - your rights, their rights and abuse thereof. Stand up for your furry friends, know your rights, find out the truth.

Two Sundays ago we had a rather ugly incident on the beach - 2 women and a man, guests at Amar Inn, were told to put their dog on a leash which they apparently did then the Cancun police told them they could not have a dog on the beach at all, an argument ensued, the man had a night stick put to his throat, the woman received a cut to her forehead and the three of them were taken to Cancun, in bikinis and bathing suit, for charging. Que Paso has been told that the Police are receiving free breakfasts at Ojo de Agua. Letters have been written to our mayor and to Cancun.
Diane has started a Dog Register : who is walked on the street, walked on the beach, who has what dog, who carries a baggy, if you want to make sure you are correctly listed please drop in at the Bakery.
Times and venue TBA. The volunteers from VIDAS, Colorado, are coming back. To help them out the town is asked to help with volunteers - can you spare a few hours to help in the very positive action that helps us all? Can you bring some cool drinks? Can you help with intake? Can you lend us your animal crates? Please drop in at the Bakery and let Diane know, just a few hours will be a big help.

In fact the Police haven't been having a good time this week, Anna from Tuna was chasing a little gray car whose occupants had just smashed Goyo's car window to get at a laptop. The first policeman said he was too busy writing a ticket and then she came to a group of 7 who said they were too busy (admittedly they were attending to a death by alcohol and heat) . Next day and unrelated on one of the signs on the way to the highway was written "PELIGRO POLICIA ROBANDO" , that night the last two words were cut out of the sign leaving poor Al with a sign on the other side that just says Casa Azul and nothing else!,

El Mundo para Puerto Morelos has the pleasure of hosting Billy Webb, retired fire instructor from Austin and Lt Enrique Medina instructor from Saltillo, Mexico, in a 3 day firemen's workshop. 4 Puerto Morelos firemen and 6 from Cancun will take classes in fire control, firemen's safety, victim rescue and treatment, CPR and Hazardous Material recognition. This will take place at my house in the afternoons, so if you see lots of fire trucks you will know what that's about!

Whisper is we will very soon have a new beach bar, have to leave you guessing on that one.

Hard to believe but during the fishing tournament someone stole the bag of emergency equipment from the back of the Emergency Services truck. Last night El Mundo para Puerto Morelos SC was happy to donate many items to go towards re-equipping their vehicle. Thanks to Tony Sansone and other friends in Texas we were able to help Leon and Jorge who have the unenviable job of being the first to attend traffic and other accidents and emergencies.

Sunday August 12, 7.30pm at Caracol Restaurant, Albert Bates, author of The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook, will be talking about alternative strategies for buildings, businesses and towns to create a regenerative energy infrastructure in this area as a model for the world.

WEEKEND AWAY - Hints for visitors, craft fair next weekend. We had the pleasure of a weekend away visiting Izamal and Valladolid and little towns in between before breaking down and getting towed home. Decided to take the cut through road to Leona Vicario - don't do it! Although the Ruta de Cenotes is now paved all the way to the Polo Club, then graded past Tres Bocas, once you go past the Aguakan road it is like something out of a Jeep commercial, I swear there were fish living in those potholes! We went winding past interesting small towns to get to Izamal, best known for it's convent and yellow buildings. It also has a town initiative to promote handicrafts original to the town, woodworking, weaving etc. I had the pleasure of meeting Eduardo the Tinsmith who still uses his old tools and the hand method of tin smithing. He had the pleasure of taking my money and is seen here at work preparing a candle lantern. Spent the night in Valladolid which has many small hotels and we were impressed with Quetzal (985 856 4796 www.casa-quetzal.com), Judith has a small retreat in suburban Valladolid adjacent to the San Bernadino Convent, US60 for a double room. The functioning convent is a delight , small, full of history, huge underground cenote and gardens. We were lucky to happen on the first weekend of the First Valladolid Annual Artesan's Fair, it is on next weekend too if you or your guests can make it. Fruit and drinks at the food arcade and a visit to the municipal offices before heading off to the wonderful Ek Balam just north of Valladolid. Truly the most delightful of our ruins, it stands in a lovely garden landscape and boasts wonderful relief sculptures. We visited the friend of Puerto Morelos, Lee, at her gorgeous little eco-retreat in Ek Balam, Genesis. Lee has added rooms and her garden is delightful, after a day driving and visiting the ruins and the nearby cenote it is a welcome rest house. Although breaking down was inconvenient, we were helped by everyone and were glad to get home safely to PM. If we'd gone on the toll road we would have received help faster but the delights of the B road were well worth it.

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