As a little break from packing up Mum's apartment in Sydney we flew off to Vietnam for 2 weeks and travelled from North to South by car, plane and train. From far South in the Mekong Delta to Phu Quoc island (famous for its fish sauce and beautiful beaches) through Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and the ancient village of Hoi An to Hanoi, Ha Long Bay and the wonderful mountain region of Sapa. For Australians this is a common holiday destination, cheap, great food, friendly people with the best sense of humour (you'd have to!) and beautiful countryside. So I was somewhat taken aback at the reaction of my US and Mexican friends. A Mexican lawyer friend actually screwed up his face and said what would you want to go THERE for? Other people actually shuddered a little at the thought. Yes the American War still hangs heavy in places but the Vietnamese people have moved on, their largely young population have their eyes set on the future and honour the past. The changes in 20 years are astonishing, you can feel the country growing around you and its a great feeling, quite invigorating to see such triumph after so many years of struggle. Highly recommend the experience.

I have a great agent in Ho Chi Minh City if you ever get the urge!

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