Que Paso? October 29th

Puerto Morelos is brushing itself up getting ready for you all to return and the fun and games of tourist season, even the taxi stand got a new coat of paint. Don't forget we have gone off daylight savings as of last Sunday.
I hope to be announcing some new restaurant openings soon but right now its all about closings. Saddest of all is the closure of Tuna, due to complaints about noise. It is sad for all of us not to have the great live music that Anna and Antonio worked so hard to pull into Puerto Morelos. Sad for the people who worked there too! They are scouting around looking for another venue so stay tuned. Portabellos closed some time ago but the news is David (ex Hola Asia chef) is reopening it soon and its rumoured Valerie will work with him, its going to retain the Mediterranean theme. Bacabs is also closed and Baraka (Alise plans to open another venue on the highway) and this week El Faro closed too. John Gray's Kitchen is going strong as is Gauchos, Caracol, Amancias. La Petita, Tio's, Triny's and El Pirata. Rosio's Juice Bar has expanded (between Police and Dive shop) and on the other street Mimi's has had a face lift. Mama's Bakery will reopen early November. A pool ands outdoor fitness centre has been built behind the new 'mall'. Habaneros has a pizza menu now and apparently they are pretty darn good. Great news is about John Gray's new restaurant in Cancun - 14 - its called 14 and is at Kilometre 14 nestled on the lagoon it has beautiful views, water all around, a sushi bar and the wonderful Karl as chef. Its open for lunch and dinner and is a MUST, food is great, wine list exceptional, I love the sashimi there and there are all sorts of great dishes and please please leave room for dessert!

Dean hit parts of our beaches with a fury some areas lost what we gained with Wilma but of course its still beautiful. The fishing pier in town is a little bent out of shape, Ceiba's pier is being repaired as we speak, UNAM's new concrete pier is complete and they have started work on renovating their office and accommodation building.

El Mundo para Puerto Morelos has started up again and our major project is building a lunch room and kitchen at the kindergarten in the colonia, they are currently cooking in the principal's office and eating at desks or outside if the weather is fair. This is a $6000 project so you will be hearing about some fundraising going on soon. We have already received nearly half the amount from 3 individuals thank you thank you thank you. Our next fabulous bazaar is scheduled for December 8th in the town square so if you are cleaning out your cupboards think of us! The Annual benefit dinner at John Gray's is coming soon too and we have a new logo to launch and you will be able to buy some pretty cool shirts to support the charity as well. The firemen received some more uniforms last week, down from Texas, and we are helping a family with travel and accommodation costs for their son's heart operation in Mexico City, the ultrasound machine for the clinic is due to arrive in November due to generous donations from our Texan friends and we continue our support and supplies for the schools and clinics of Puerto Morelos.

We want to thank Palace resorts who sent a team of people to Puerto last week and did a big beach clean up from the Fishing Pier to the docks - thankyou

El Rey Polo Club has almost finished its new clubhouse and they will be having a picnic day soon to celebrate. Little Surprise was born 2 weeks ago at the club. The big polo tournament, the El Rey Cup, is January 18-24 for your diaries.

Kitty Corner - Well its almost over for the dogs of PM, apparently the new signs go up on the beach next month - no dogs at all from the Dock to Ceiba del Mar. This little kitty turned up on Carol's doorstep in Playacar looking for love - anyone in Puerto want a kitty, she cannot keep it. Just email me. Below are completely irrelevant pictures of my grandson hamming it up for the camera, Alex enjoying beach fun and a Vietnamese beach dog. See more about Vietnam on the post below this one.
It's great to be back.

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