Que Paso ? November 18th

Turtle View - thanks to David Yeabsley for this beautiful sunset photo on the right of PM. Very mild weather we are having with the nights cooling off a little.
Sailing in the Rain - the first visiting yacht of the season arrived on a rainy Friday morning. Restaurant happening's - left from the last list of restaurants still going strong were Hola Asia and Bodo's, did you know that before they built Hola Asia there was a derelict bank building on that corner? New Mexican food place opened between Posada Amor and Handicraft market - called DoƱa Guilla's they serve traditional Mexican cuisine and right now a very good pozole, every night and Sunday mornings. Also opened is a small restaurant inside Hotel Inglaterra, the New England Pub, open 8am-2pm and 7pm-10pm daily, mixed menu very reasonable prices. Owners Martina and Dieter have a Thanksgiving dinner 3 courses for 180 pesos ph 206 9081. Worth noting that Marina El Cid restaurant is now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from 7am every day. Caracol is closed due to rent increase, the lovely people from there are returning to Switzerland (they are selling lots of bits and pieces so drop in for a bargain). Buy paradise and put in a parking lot - so another hotel to come, you know when you go past La Petit France and turn inland and then back to where Acamaya Reef is? Well that whole block is now cleared and filled, bye bye mangrove, bye bye Chit Palms. Bazaar news - all going strong for the bazaar December 8th but we need your donations to sell - clothes, furniture, books and odds and ends. Barefoot and cooking -baked goods needed too for the bazaar, cookies, cakes, jams, preserves, pickles, all very popular at the bazaar. Kitty Corner After a big raid on street dogs last week also netted Franciszka's dogs, when she and Sandy went to collect them they were told that the pound would be in PM every Wednesday and Friday with their police escort. Signs still not changed on the beach. Deena reccomends reading about trainer Judy Moore who teaches 'Dialogue' for dog training http://www.helpyourdog.com. We are wondering why a system of dog license tags is not introduced here - would be a revenue stream and would stop this aggressive targeting of local's pets. Leon Salas of Emergency Services has just returned from working with the Red Cross in Tabasco Yikes more Minnesotans - lovely PM story in the Star Tribune click here to read. Really we love Minnesotans, they all love to have fun, to eat and drink out and chill on the beach and they all love PM just the way it is, so more the merrier I think. El Rey Polo Club has some new riders, pictured on the left are Kelly, Ana, Cat and Michelle and Alex in training on the right with Eduardo and family day for the Opening of the new club house. John Grays 2nd Annual Benefit Dinner is on December 18th at 7pm call 871 0665 to book your seats only 450p entry for John's yummy appetisers and drinks with some very cool silent auction prizes. El Cid resort has already donated 2nights all inclusive accommodation at the resort and is now stocking the charity t-shirts! This year the funds raised at the dinner go to pay for the new lunchroom and kitchen we are building for the kindergarten, they are currently cooking in the principal's office and eating at desks. The number for his restaurant 14 in Cancun is 840 6146. Dentist in town - noticed a sign go up this week for a new dentist in town, has been missing here for a couple of years now, he is in the office building behind the Church. Dr. Alejandro Sanchez also has surgeries in Cancun and Playa and Martha Uscanda says he has done great work for her. Turkey time - spotted on a roof drying off the other morning were 18 vultures, you know at home we have parakeets and cockatoos annoying us on the verandah, Mexico just has to be different! Books - just in time for those lazy days on the beach, bookstore owners Rob and Joanne were spotted back in town after diverting around floods in Tabasco to get here, no doubt the store will open soon. Cablemas - has a promotion on for their new digital phones, if you are already hooked up to Cablemas they will give a digital phone connection for 290p www.cablesmas.com. Telmex - you can now view your Telmex bills online, just in case they are not delivered (gee, they finally caught on) Mi Telmex www.telmex.com.

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