Que Paso? November 8th 2007

Day of the Dead was celebrated in the Parque this year with displays from the schools and the Casa del Cultura and with much teenage excitement the high school won first prize for their efforts.
Baby Emma was born on November 1st to Kathy and Jacques, Puerto Morelians who have recently moved to Playacar. The pics are of Emma's first day and her first feed, aahhh. Jacques says she is the most beautiful baby in the world, everyone is healthy and very happy. The little kitty from last week found a home with another doting mother in Playacar too so all well there.
El Mundo par Puerto Morelos started work on building the kitchen and lunchroom for the students at Kinder Cinco de Mayo in the colonia and here are the first shots of the construction along with our trusty volunteer Kirsten managing the site looked on by the school Principal
December 8th - Annual Charity Bazaar - please look around to see what you can contribute, all that old junk lying around, come on time to clean up. Goods can be dropped at Cat's House if they need indoor storage (Av Ninos Heroes 780) or at Frank's (Blue Dolphin House Rojo Gomez) if they can be stored outdoors or we can come and pick up from your house or hotel. We need volunteers on the day too and any local artists who want to sell their wares need to talk to Patti ppearson@emppm.com
December 18th - 2nd Annual Benefit Dinner at John Gray's Kitchen, this year dedicated to raising funds to pay for building the much needed kitchen and lunch room (El Comedor) at the kinder, the kiddies get a meal each day provided by the school at the moment being cooked in the principal's little office and eaten at desks. It will also provide them with an indoor play and party room. There will be amazing items for auction at the dinner and a great door prize - the seats are very limited, will let you know next week the time, cost and phone number. It was great fun last year and will be again.
New in town - on that note Portabello's reopened last night as David Lau's with a Gourmet Chinese and Pizza menu (hey I thought that was Shanghai Pizzas gig?)menu includes Duck, Partridge, Rib-eye steak with shitake mushrooms and many other tempting morsels, review to come. Coming Soon: John Gray's flower shop catering to rental houses, hotels and restaurants, should make a pretty view in the old car park spot. Secret beach bar? It now has a name - Beach Club and Bar Ixchel - full bar and yummy tapas, opening soon, beach umbrellas and beach fun and the world famous Sara at the bar, between Star Wars and Tuna. Local Artist returns - Marguerite is back in her pretty painted house near the vet's on Ninos Heroes - she invites you to drop in and buy some of her art, she has art for your walls, some really cute thoughtful cards for gifts, fridge magnets with wisdom, jewellery and clothes, all welcome. Marguerite has kindly volunteered her time to design the colour scheme for the kinder lunchroom we are building. Boys with Toys - Spotted on the road today was Gabriel with his bulldozer filling those holes - gracias! Then there's Josh with the racing car he bought and stored in a house which was then bricked up, so what he do, he bought the house! and now he has his car back.
All good news here and this morning I didn't think I had anything to tell you!

Community message from the Red Cross - if you live here or know people who could you please programme your cell phone with 'A Emergencia' at the top of the list of your contacts, this way if you are in an accident the rescuers can easily access the person you want contacted first in case of emergency. New link - have a look at my Cancun airport link with the links on the right- you can check all airline flight arrival and departures and lots of useful airport info for your visitors.

Girls of Puerto Morelos after school

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Bishop Kenneth Myers said...

You have NO IDEA how happy I am to get your emails and updates regarding PM. Though I've been only twice (and the last time, with my entire family, we had to flee the hurricane this past summer and leave 4 days early) - it seems very much a home away from home for me. Your updates warm my heart. Thank you so much!