What the Elementary schools need in Puerto Morelos

PRIMARY SCHOOLS there are three primary schools! and they need
Lexmark-26 Printer : need black and color ink cartridges
Samsung SCX-4216 D1 XAA Photocopier: needs toner
Reams of white copy paper, Erasable markers for the whiteboards
Folders, Dictionaries, scissors, geometry sets
Soccer balls, basket balls and basketball hoops
Writing books - 100 sheets
need a school canteen built!
needs a science room built!
Need cleaning and maintenance materials including brooms, paint and sealant for the rooves
need desks for the children and teachers and chairs for the teachers
need maps and educational posters for the walls
Masking tape and putty for sticking posters to walls

KINDERGARTEN - there are four kindergartens
Kinder Cinco de Mayo needs to change the playground equipment to plastic: swings, see-saws, etc.They need decent ground material that isn’t dirt or rocks. Two areas: 7 x 15 and 5 x 20
Sand for the sandbox and sandbox toys
TV and DVD for the new classroom
Staplers (grapadoras)
Flash cards
educational toys (no batteries)
Mr Potato Head
12 little tables
20 little chairs
plastic plates and cutlery


Ms.Carnevale said...

Hi I'm an elementary school teacher and I have a lot of supplies, used, that I would like to donate. Is there an address I can send some boxes to?

Catriona Brown said...

Hi Ms Carnevale - p-lease look at the side strip on the blog and you can see out address in Texas - I only just read your comment as this page is an archive

Look forward to hearing from you

Betty Lynne said...

Please let me know if there are any schools there where I could sing, dance, give presents and pray for the children in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or Puerto Morelos area.

Thank you!