Que Paso? March 7, 2008

Well it is a little windy this week (the sand dunes are up and over the wall at Casita Blanca) and a norte forecast to come in tonight but it is still a far cry from shovelling snow as it's 29 degrees Celsius, totally clear blue sky and 66% humidity. New Puerto Morelos Development Plans were presented last Tuesday morning at the Taxistas Syndicate but as they did not alert the public in the newspaper they are doing it again for your benefit on Sunday 9th at 10am in the Square in the Puerto, please wear white if you can. At 6pm on Saturday at the Casa del Cultura there will be a short video about this which will prepare you to fully appreciate what the government will be presenting the next morning, the main alert is that several thousand new houses have been approved to be built in the region around the colonia increasing the current density. Whether or not this is wise without drastic infrastructure improvements and with our current troubling crime increase will need to be discussed on Sunday. On that note please be aware we are coming in to Santa Semana (Easter) , please make sure your properties are secured and your guests are advised to take normal care with their possessions as they would at home. The new Senior Citizens Centre opened this week behind the library in the Colonia. Dr Jorge our favourite vet has up and moved to the colonia, when you drive past Pemex and turn right at the 7/11 you then take the second street on the right and you'll see his place half way down that street on the right. New restaurant El Faro has opened above the supermarket, managed by Elisa (of Baraka fame) and Johnny Mastermarino (general PM fame) have joined forces to present this excellent addition to our range of eating establishments. It has a short menu you can get excellent rib eye, cajun fish, chicken fajitas. I had the fish which came with steamed broccoli and rice, it was very good and deep fried calamari to start, yum. Good wine list. One starter, 2 main courses, 1 bottle red 500 pesos. The service was excellent and there was a live band playing some great tunes, I can see dancing happening Thursday nights! James McLean tonight and John Cooker on Saturday, guess that makes it a new music venue really. High season has brought with it some very generous visitors, thank you to the Canadians who brought the whole suitcase of very well selected items for the schools ( I did not get your email) , to the Kuliks for the suitcase of beautiful children's clothes and to the many many other people who have brought bags of goods for the schools and clinics. The ink for the primary school's printer was greatly appreciated. Anyone coming soon that could bring a cartridge for their copier (Samsung SCX-4216D1(XAA)? We distributed items today to three kindergartens and to the primary school in the colonia. The kitchen and lunchroom we built is a great success, Susan from Massachusetts seen here enjoying the sopes. Get an attitude adn tell them what you think. The Mexican government is doing a survey of the problems foreign residents have settling here. Its purpose is to collect information, analyze the main difficulties, and propose policy changes to facilitate migration to Mexico. So it only takes a few minutes and maybe you'll save someone from the Immigration office drama just click here. El Mundo par Puerto Morelos also helped 2 families in trouble recently. Genny Lorena Medina 1 has a son with a heart condition and Social Services is paying her bus fare to Mexico City for the appointments and hopefully an operation, your donations enabled us to give her 1500 pesos for food and accommodation while she and the children are there. Niconora and her family were evicted this week and her friends are helping find her new premises and help to put her son into school, the charity helped out with food for the family for the week. Tomorrow March 8th is International Womens Day and there is a March for Peace starting at 10am at the Lighthouse, you are invited, they ask that you bring flowers, maracas, incense. Marching for Peace in Afghanistan, for Peace in Puerto Morelos and for Peace in our Hearts. Women in Kandahar, one of the most violent Afghan provinces, were the first to declare they will gather on March 8th, and they were soon followed by women in Kabul. They have asked women across Afghanistan to start their own March 8th events. They believe only Afghans can stop the violence against other Afghans. They want to stop the killing of their sons, husbands, brothers, fathers and families. You can sign their petition here. Peace to you all. Our dear friend Sandy (Peter Ratzlaff b. Jan 29 1956) passed away on February 14th in his home in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Family and friends from his home town of Vancouver flew in and joined other Puerto Morelos friends in scattering his ashes in the sea on February 21st which was followed by a party in his honour at L'Oasis in the town square. Sandy is survived by his four brothers and a sister and their families. Sandy's life was full of adventure and travel from Canada and USA to Europe and Thailand and Australia. Sandy spent much of his time in Puerto Morelos helping other people and enjoying the atmosphere of Mexico. His wonderful skills as a chef will well be remembered as will the many dinners and happy occasions that surrounded him. His warmth, friendship, love of life and laughter will be missed by all the people and animals who knew him. I miss him more than words I have. There is a celebration on Saturday, March 8, 2008 at 2:00 - 7:00 p.m. at The Clubhouse, Capilano Mobile Home Park, Sundance Crescent and Welch Street, West Vancouver. You can leave a message for his family here.

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