High School needs in Puerto morelos

'Primero de Junio', PUERTO MORELOS Q.ROO
School Director: Jose Raul Celis y Celis

LIBRARY for all the classes in the Library a computer image projector and a

SPANISH Dictionaries, word games.

ENGLISH Dictionaries, easy to read early books in English - elementary
level. Please try and make the subjects science, environmental, health,
astronomy, ocean, social issues, facts of life.......in other words not
Sponge Bob or Clifford!

MATHEMATICS Number games, geometric sets, scientific spanish dictionaries -
high school level, laminated geometric figures

PHYSICS/CHEMISTRY Schematics of human body parts, Schematics of the water
cycle, perioidic table of the elements, demonstration of climatic types,
examples of food chains, fauna and flora examples, 5 compound and 5
dissecting microscopes, 10 thermometers, 10 laboratory clamps, gloves, 10
measuring flasks of different sizes, 10 alcohol lamps, 10 ring stands, 50
test tubes various sizes, forceps for the test tubes, 'dinamometros', test
tube and bottle brushes, 10 magnifying glasses/loops, 5 stop watches, 30
beakers various sizes

HISTORY Maps, Maps , Maps, Politicial Division of the Continents, Physical
World maps,

Pump or aeration system for the large fish tanks - ½ HP; silicon; glass cutter;coral; hydraulic pumps, 1 HP; fish nets; dissection kits; 2 aquarium filters

Fishing line, # 10, 11, 12, and 20; fishhooks # 10, 11, 12; cane poles; fishing lures; life vests; visors; snorkels; lead weights of various weight; needles for weaving/repairing nets; diving equipment; boat motors F.B.

Tools for auto repair; medium size grinder; medium size drill; a press; a compressor, screwdrivers (flat and philips head); needle nose pliers; other pliers; wrenches ; motor sections

Products for fishing: knives, scales; fish scalers; shelving; garden hoses; storage containers

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