Que Paso? May 8th

New in town is Cactuz restaurant, bar, gallery, on the left just past handicraft market. Stylishly painted with original artworks and cool furnishings it has a friendly fun atmosphere. You can just hang out in the bar or try their great Argentinian grilled meat and veggies and wine by the glass. The rear garden gets a cool breeze or you can street watch on the front terrace. This Saturday they will have live music - Cindy and Abbe from Austin are in town so you are all welcome to come and listen to their great songs around 8. Shown here is Cindy with Paloma of Cactuz and the friendly chefs. Bicycles are now for rent at Rosie's Juice bar and at the newly relocated Travel agency at Villas Latinas. As you have no doubt heard the Munoz' corner next to the Church has been rented out to Oxxo, it is a very sad thing that such an ugly and highly commercial chain should be allowed on the Puerto Morelos Square. It is not only bad for tourism (as it destroys the quaintness of the area that the international tourists come here to enjoy) but bad for other small businesses in the area. This is not progress it is going backwards! Forward thinking surely would be to retain the look of the town, making this an unique place for visitors, that is, not the same as everywhere else! I can only hope that this development is rethought or at the very least not allow their ugly signage and colours but instead continue the rustic theme as seen elsewhere around the square. This town depends on tourism surely we should be encouraging development to attract tourism? ( see new comment below). The Blues Band played it's last gig for the year 2 weeks ago at Giaconda's, we look forward to seeing them all back next year and we will get to know all the words for Mustang Sally one of these days! Road works - a wonderful team of road workers came in with some very impressive machinery and paved one side of the northern end of Rojo Gomez. Hurray! They only had enough money to do 500 metres, about a year ago this is exactly what the Mayor said would happen, and that later in the year there will be a bit more money released for the roads. Thanks again to Jacques and the students from Quebec who did a great job painting at the schools. New donkeys were born recently at the stables at El Dorado, they are for sale if you would like donkeys in your yard. Sandro seen here monkeying around at the stables. After a health scare he is all better and back at work, talking of which Uwe had a serious car accident last weekend and was released into his own care with a fractured hip, he is is Calle 2 and needs help. Hard as it is we were all glad to get him out of the corridor of the General Hospital, trust me you NEVER want to go there. Health Insurance is easily available here call Nohemi 998 8451703. Robberies - be aware we have had a spate of burglaries in the residential area of Puerto, one of them an aggravated assault. Please take care and lock up, get to know your neighbours and investigate alarm systems. Help stop corruption please can you tell your visitors DO NOT pay cash to the Police if they are stopped in town or on the access road, just ask for the penalty notice and it is easily and efficiently paid at the Transito office here in Puerto. 10th Anniversary of the Maritime Park is being celebrated in conjunction with Mothers Day on 10 May by offering free trips, for Mums and kids, to the reef for snorkelling, register at the Park Office 8710525. Sparklers - there was a birthday party in the jungle with I&I playing for Guillermina.

Last weekend were the finals of the Sand Sculpture Competition at the Beach Bar. Prizes were sponsored by Bar Ixchel, Bara Bara, Chimmichurri and Jorge and his snorkel boat Milena and lots of fun had by all. This weekend Antonio of Tuna returns on Sunday to the Beach Bar with his world famous green ceviche, yum. Gabo will be playing his funky sounds and volleyball is encouraged. Seen in the pictures various colourful locals being local including Dr Carlos the new dentist in town!

I have been away having fun in Mexico City at the World Polo Championships, Mexico won the opening game against England making for a very happy crowd. Then off to Vancouver to meet up with my Australian friends - what a pretty town that is in Spring. Went over to Vancouver Island visited Tofino, Ucluelet and Victoria, went to the Theatre and ate food from China, Bulgaria, Belgium and local Pacific fare, just a grand treat.

My new houses are well underway and will be up for sale later in the year or now if you want a hand in designing the interior. I am very proud of my 3 metre rock foundations, a real must here as we build on sand!

The Sacred Mayan Crossing 30, 31 May and 1 June
In its second year, this event aims to revive the ancient Mayan pilgrimage venerating Ix-Chel, the goddess of maternity and medicine. Traditional canoes carrying three hundred pilgrims will make the crossing from Xcaret to Cozumel and back to Playa del Carmen, accompanied by dance and rituals on shore. It all starts on 30 May at around midnight with a procession into Xcaret followed by cleansing, singing and dancing and then at dawn the hand made canoes cross over to Cozumel. A full programme with more information and a video of last year is available on their web site just click here.
Puerto Morelos Fishing Tournament dates May 23-25 and another one May 30-June 1. First prize is a Hummer. You can enter and learn more about the tournament on their website just click here!

12 May I just found this quote on a Forum: I love visiting friends in PM (Puerto Morelos) to escape the glitz of Cancun for a day or two. Cat has done an oustanding job of presenting the feeling of life in PM - both the satisfactions and frustrations.One thing stands out to we Cancunenses… when visiting PM there are no name brand stores… not even an Oxxo (which is on every corner in Cancun). I do love the convenience of 24 hour stores, Walmart, and our countless new malls going up every few months. THAT is why I love PM so much… it is so nice to slip away from it all and go back in time to the sleepy life of PM. I will always fight for PM to avoid commercial development. It’s a haven just 30 mins south of Cancun.


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