Que Paso? March 27

Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink! (Thank you Mr Coleridge) The water trucks are called in every day this week to Puerto Morelos as we have not enough water for our homes. Villa Morelos Phase 2 has opened and the water flows there before here, hey great design! Alternate theory is that there is a big leak somewhere. Nothing coming from the street supply so we are having to fill the cisternas from the trucks, solution not in sight, please feel free to scream at Aguakan. Puerto Morelos Development - as mentioned the new plan is to approve a rise in density to accommodate another 240,000 people, a very small amount of information came with this announcement and no mention of improved water, power, drainage, shops, sewerage, paving, utility services, schools or clinics to accommodate such a dramatic rise in population. The group protesting this plan has requested 2 months delay so that the full plans can be investigated. Apparently some of the building approval is in the flood prone areas which means it will flood into other areas including where our potable water is stored. If you would like to go on the alert list for all notices about these plans and protests please write to ptomorelostienevoz@hotmail.com. Fishing tournament - shaping up for another rumour intense battle the 2008 Cesar Martin Rosado Puerto Morelos Fishing Torneo is scheduled for May 23,24 & 25 with Cozumel and Playa del Carmen competing. The rival group with the alternate dates and Isla Mujeres and Cancun is yet to announce their dates. Fashion TV event at El Rey - yes it is Fashion week in Cancun and all the models will be out and around town. 4.30pm on Saturday 29 March at El Rey Polo Club there is an exhibition match with local, Merida, Mexico City and Dominican Republic players, followed at 5pm by a fashion parade. All you polo and fashions fans are invited! There are cocktails and we are wearing white! Sponsors include Melia, Lola de Alejandro, Carmen Steffens, SKYY, BMW, FIJI and Corona. Photos from El Rey Cup Tournament and the Copa de Maya at the Yucatan Polo Club. Walking in Puerto Morelos can be hazardous imagine if you are a little unsure on your feet. One of our wonderful guests recently donated several walkers brought from nursing homes in the States. They are seen here with the Mayor's wife Maru being donated to DIF's rehabilitation centre in Puerto Morelos, thank you. Quebecois are everywhere here but one of our most favourite groups is on its way back. Jacques is bringing a group of 16 year olds on April 12th for 2 weeks from Escuela Polyvalente des Monts, Ste-Agathe des Monts, in Quebec and they will be working at the Primary School, Kindergarten and Casa del Cultura. Please give them your support when you see them around town and please we need some paint bought and delivered to the kinder for them, I have the colour sample at my place. Carless Cat - anyone have a car I can rent for 3 weeks while mine is repaired? (Neighbour drove into it while it was parked!)

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