Que Paso? July 3, 2008

Sizzling Summer edition! My trusty camera is in for repair (combination of yogurt spill and a fall in the sand) and I am grateful to KK, Cindy, Cathy, Frank and Bill for sharing and to you for understanding the lack of some illustrations. I am running book with myself to see if my FM3 renewal or the repair take the longest, you really have to have a sense of humour to live here. On that note, happy to announce the Police now have a telephone, 206 9104, there was, however, no money left for drinking water for them so if you can spare a garrafon you know where it will be appreciated. After a petition from citizens, Governor Greg Sanchez intervened and changed all the Municipal and Transito Police 10 days ago- we have a completely new crew, hand picked for honesty. Wonderful news but of course they have not a clue where anything is so good timing in handing over the laminated maps of PM donated by Frank (you can get your own copies on his website vivapuertomorelos.com) Name of our new Chief of Police is Aurelio Pacheco, very friendly. Please help the Police by keeping them informed, every report helps, even if it is just a stolen tyre, you don't know how many others have been stolen, even if its only an attempted break in, they need to know. Our current Mayor Manolo, seen here in the picture with the maps, finishes his term this week. The Municipal elections are this Saturday so be ready for lots of noisy car parades and no alcohol sales on the day. Cablemas has installed a payment machine on the highway between the ATM and Telcel at the traffic lights and there is now an ATM at Ojo de Agua just inside the entrance. We had a lot of donations to distribute lately - some supplies for the ambulance, anonymously given and baseball bats, balls and mits - thankyou whoever you are, the kids were very excited. Blood monitors and sugar level testers went to the Public Clinic and general supplies to the kinders and primary schools. The ambulance was off the road last week and thanks to El Mundo par Puerto Morelos and the kind assistance of Marilyn O'Connor she was back at work shortly after. The biggest achievement for the charity was the arrival and delivery of a shipment of goodies for the Bomberos: The Sky Valley / Scaly Mountain Volunteer Fire & Rescue in Georgia, Chief Tom Sherburn and fireman Mark Gramlich, sent us 9 full Air packs, back up tanks, many pants, jackets and helmets. The Bomberos were very grateful and it is great they can now be better protected. On the left with KK and Barb from Austin and on the right another silly hat day with me. Thanks to Liza Piorowski (Hola Asia) and Billy Webb (Austin) for organising the transport of such a large and heavy shipment and to El Mundo para Puerto Morelos for paying the freight costs. Bad dog - this brown pit bull cross lives on Rojo Gomez between Casa Mermaid and Frank's house. It bit KK from Austin on the leg as she was walking past and has also attacked other people and pets. The owner was given a warning to keep the dog secured inside so if you see this dog loose on the street please report to the police or Leon. On a happier note we were pleased to welcome back Valerie and John from Iowa, their efforts on our behalf netted 425 books which was enough to give one to every child in the Primary school in the Colonia and to 2 classes in the Puerto school. It was a great fun day for all and we celebrated at Habaneros to top it all off. Seen here celebrating are Valerie and John with Frank, Marilyn and I. June 30th also marked the end of the school year and there were celebrations at all the schools. I was at the Primary School in the Colonia helping hand out diplomas and prize medallions, there were 46 students graduating, 22 girls, 24 boys. Each class presented a dance for our enjoyment, it was wonderful seeing how happy they were and rewarding to see so many faces I knew that you all have helped through the charity. The charity needs help at the moment, there are people to call on to do the odd thing but we need people to do projects like distributing brochures, helping Frank sell tshirts, running an event or finding visiting doctors prepared to do seminars all sorts of things. My time is full doing the administration of this as well as my own company, distributing donations and co-ordinating with the groups as well as building a couple of houses. So if you have some time to donate to the town please let us know. Sign on the wall in Immigration in English today "It is forbidden by law for any of the office staff to receive any gratification". Post script: Martina is taking her spa on the road to Minneapolis and Chicago "I will be in Minneapolis with my stones ready to rock from July 10th to 25th then Chicago till August 7th I can be reached at
internet phone 250-244-1754"
So there's a little piece of Puerto Morelos going North!

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