Que Paso? August 12th 2008

Holbox Island rocks at this time of year the fabulous whale sharks are swimming off the coast and it is a wonderful trip for you to do with your friends and family. I was very happy with the company we went with and they do pick up and returns in one day www.gamaextreme.com. The 2nd International Whale Shark Conference has just finished and our friends Flor de Maria, Cynthia and Jeronimo were there to film the event and sell their DVD of the whale sharks. There are some new restaurants and shopping for everyone, I had an excellent risotto gorgonzala at Holbox's Pelicano's

Bar Ixchel rocked last weekend with a beach party and entertainment by I and I the popular reggae band, it was great to see so many locals and all had a fun day

Puerto Morelos grows in leaps and bounds but still we have the colonia bringing us back to reality, real life! Several new stores have opened to cater for the growing community, some old ones going strong. El Rey Polo Club has started trail riding, here are some of the girls from Austin heading out riding with Marcos, the head groom. Best tacos in Puerto Morelos? I vote for Carnitas. On the one way road up to the Pemex they have hand made tortillas with pork or lamb, really tasty. As I have mentioned before Baraka's location was taken over by Lomas Travel and has been renamed Paradise Pier, they have done some good renovations and the manager and the chef are happy to welcome you. The same company has also taken over Hacienda Morelos (and Villas Latinas and Arrecife). At Carmen Hacienda Bodo's decor is still in place (Gracielda and the sons are no longer there) along with the chef and menu but they now boast Day Passes!! can you believe it? 400 pesos will get you open bar (National drinks) 30% off the food and use of the pool and , wait for it, day beds on the beach. Midday to 5pm, I know you'll get right on that. Ah yes, the new room rates ocean front standard room 1500 pesos and the 'swim-up' rooms are 1700p. The beautiful Olinca Mercado Lopez is opening a new coffee shop in about 2 weeks, you can see the new location on the right just past Carmen Hacienda. The travel agency had to move again and you can now find it between Amancia's and Chimmichurri.

birthday party for Oscar, the major investor in El Rey yesterday. The club members entertained us with a game, then the dancers from Xcaret gave a demonstration of the ancient mayan ball game. A wonderful mariachi band sang romantic , there was some golf practice, followed by a DJ who had us all up dancing. We need your blood! Well actually Cindy Paiva is looking for other PM, or nearby, residents and regular visitors who are O negative. It is not a common blood type and there are no reserves here so please email Cindy: Clubpaiva49er@msn.com with your name, phone numbers and email. It will create a database in the region for O- people that we can contact easily. We now have regular recycling the next one on August 30th (please mark on your calendar and see the attached calnedar for other dates) so save up your paper, PET bottles 1 & 2 and electronic and domestic electric machines. Ambulance - we are about to get a new ambulance, the first one was breaking down all the time so Leon has arranged to lease a brand new one, they are driving it down from Mexico City right now. The charity helped with some of the fuel costs. Our annual free animal spay and neuter clinic is being held on 14th and 15th of August in the Primary School in the Colonia the animals need to be brought in between 0830 and 1100 having no food for 12 hours. Donations will be gratefully accepted . "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" (Streetcar Named Desire) and I was blessed with a gift of a new camera from Mike in Seattle so that I can continue to bring you this newsletter. Next newsletter will be full of my shots from home, bye bye I am off to Australia for a month. Also next month: John Gray's succesful opening in Downtown Cancun and development gone absolutely crazy in and around Puerto Morelos.

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Michele in Playa said...

Have a wondeful trip "down under". Keep me posted of any future events at El Rey. We would love to see some Polo this year. Caught just one match at Saratoga this year sadly. Just not enough time to see and do everything.