Que Pasa? October 28th

Halloween and Day of the Dead this year is a big community effort to combine these cultural events and a Full Moon as well! Oh oh! Friday night is the judging of the house and shop decorations - great prizes for this! Trick or Treat starts at 4.30pm on Saturday. Come along in your costumes at 7pm Saturday 31 October in the main town square and receive some wonderful prizes for your outfits - open to children, teenagers, adults and pets. Don't be late it must be finished by 9pm when we have the great dance team from H10 doing a special presentation! You can view the full programme of events HERE. Check out the stores around the Park with their decorations and El Faro (above mini-super) has created an altar and special menu items. The competition prizes are being donated by our wonderful generous neighbours El Cid Marina Resort, Ceiba del Mar, Paradisus Rivera Maya, Selvatica, Pelicano's, L'Oazis, Hola Asia, Crococun, Marand Travel, David Lao's, Casa Martin, Computips, Pelicano's, Arrecifes, Carmen Inn and Cenote Mojarra as well as special pet prizes. These prizes were collected, doggedly, by Abby Stewart who also sells cheap eco friendly land in Tulum, see her website HERE. Not only that, there will also be Chicken Curry by Abby (Indian food orders 998 2283237) and Chille con Carne by the famous Doña Triny and Chocolate and Tres Leches cakes donated by El Cid Marina Resort!! Sunday and Monday evening the party goes on over in the Colonia with tombs and competitions and dancing from 7pm. Don't you just love our wonderful logo - designed by fabulous Ms Cettina Cantu (another charity volunteer)! Halloween events are also at Bar Ixchel and Bara Bara and Habaneros too.

BREAKING NEWS!! Ernesto Munoz 871 0026 says he will have the Sub Director of Immigration at Ojo de Agua at 1200 on Saturday - he wants to help any or all foreigners who need help in any way with their Immigration papers, free of charge!! Finally they have heard us screaming, so go on, take advantage!! (By the way, this is a first for me - I have 3 different Munoz' in one newsletter)

The kids at the Primary school are happy - some of our wonderful supporters have raised money through their church group and will be here in 10 days to pay for installation of 2 air conditioners at the Primary School!

I need your help! Over the last 4 years you know I have promoted the town, your businesses and your events through this site and other efforts. This is the first time I have asked for help (apart from calling on you for the charity). The Little Mexican Cooking School opens December 8th and I would greatly appreciate it if you could promote this with your incoming guests and friends. Could you add our link to your sites and signatures? http://www.thelittlemexicancookingschool.com. Claudia (from Cancun) and Patti (from Canada) and I are very excited about starting this venture and we think this is a good attraction for the town as well! Thank you in advance. The School will be having a launch in late November and will be inviting people with tourist rental properties to come and see what we will be doing. In the meantime our site is being updated (check it out!) , menus will be added shortly, delish! In photos - Claudia our chef on the left and Emilio Munoz enjoying our mango mousse - so easy to prepare!
Fields from Merida was here recently, she has the wonderful Yucatan Living.com site that is in my links, and did a little video about PM, if you want a giggle at the expense of Ken Quellehe, Marco Riha and I, click HERE! Talking of Merida, I was there a lot in the last couple of weeks and discovered a gorgeous small hotel in the historic district - Luz en Yucatan, they have a great website, HERE, (designed by the Yucatan Living folk as it turns out). It is a laid back old Merida house with rooms all over the place and a pool where the guests escape the heat! In walking distance you can visit the town square for music and dancing or enjoy another old Merida house, and have a great massage or facial at Spa Raices 999 9239389, Calle 64 , 55 y 57. Get some wildly painted gel nails at Eternity Nails 999 252 4575 Calle 59, 57 y 57a and try out the newest abfab restaurant La Sabia Virtud 999 252 0380 Calle 55, 60 y 62. They even have a website HERE (under construction) .

Recycle this week Saturday 31 October Parque 9am - 3pm on taxi corner Glass bottles, batteries, ink cartridges, paper, cartons, electronics, electrics, plastic pet bottles - get them out of the house and into RECYCLING, yay!

We recently were visited by the fab Ms Joanna Ciampa (Jeannie Casa Mermaid's step-daughter). She spent her time being inspired and painting and wants to come back and live here. The illustration on the left is one she did while here - she will do work by commission and works in all mediums, an incredible range, what a mind! Website HERE.

Cielo is running a full day Osho Meditation retreat on 8 November -please have a look at her ad for more details.

Patita is a l-l/2 year-old spayed female dog, small-medium size and completely housebroken. She was abandoned in Puerto Morelos by her original owner after a poor amputation attempt on a rear leg. She has since been abandoned 3 more times for various reasons. Patita needs a stable, commited owner who can give her the love and attention she deserves. She is loving, affectionate and non-aggressive. She will need a stump amputation in the future after adjusting to her new home. Patita can be adopted in Mexico, the US or Canada. Contact Diane at stickybunsmx@yahoo.com for full details on international adoptions.

Mexican Independence Day
was a big success this year and a great night for people watching I will leave you with some candid shots from that night

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