Que Pasa? Friday November 13th, 2009

How much fun was Halloween and Day of the Dead here in Puerto? A whole lot! Put it in your diary for next year and bring the kids or bring your parents - its low season, prices are good and the weather is great. Puerto Morelos is just so wonderful when everyone is on the street and in the Park together you just want to hug the whole town! Thanks to all the great volunteers many of the culprits featured on the right. Francisco Reyes, our delegado (mayor), wanted to tell you how happy he is to see the integration of our cosmopolitan family shown in such a wonderful way. Lots more wonderful photos for you at the bottom of the newsletter taken around town for Trick or Treat, the Halloween Costume Competition and at Bara Bara late night.
Coming up events 'not to miss' for your diary 20 November - Revolution Day, parades in the morning usually 8am around the park children and adults. Celebrating the heroes and people of the Mexican Revolution. The date marks the day that Francisco Madero denounced General Diaz as President and called all Mexicans to an insurrection ending, after many years, in the land of the wealthy being distributed to the poor, ejido land being in existence to this day, 99 years later. Next event is the raising of the Christmas tree in the Park, which will also be attended by schoolchildren, December 1st. And do not miss our famous Christmas celebration on December 19th in the park, and in front of the Church, come and watch an unusual parade re-enacting Mary and Joseph knocking on the doors of the inns around our Town Square complete with donkey, Devil and some (seen to be believed) Angels of Puerto Morelos followed by a musical show at the manger! New Year's Eve this year will have music in the Park and 6 January, Kings Day, will have a parade including some very special circus children.
Roads in the colonia are nearly all paved, the bridge at our entrance nears completion and there is rumour of roadworks starting in Calle Quintana Roo (just happens to be my street) ! This week we have 30 women working cleaning around town, an intiative to give employment to women in the colonia. New butcher shop opens in the colonia vegetable market (main street). By the way there are plans afoot to turn the main street in the middle of the colonia into a real Avenue, trees down the middle and all - next year! The little taco Kiosk on the corner next to Town hall seems to be doing well they've expanded to chairs and tables, with a menu including empanadas, salbudos, tingas, tostadas y tortas. Whisper news is that Spaghettinos is reopening in its new location opposite Handicraft Markets soon! Fort Saskatchwan in Canada (class photo on left) must have some truly great people they came into town this week to the Primary School in the colonia and were able to donate money raised in their town for 2 airconditioners for the classrooms, lots of school supplies and as well that are sponsoring 5 students 3 of them seen here, they all look like stars to me. Fort Saskatchwen High School, First Lutheran Church and other good folk are responsible for all this love. Thank you from all of us! Watch out this Saturday, the dog catchers from Cancun are back! They took 23 dogs off the street in the colonia last Saturday and will be back tomorrow in Puerto - dog owners beware! The Little Mexican Cooking School opens December 8th and can now say "as seen in USA Today", great page 3 article today all about the school (on left, click to enlarge) . Passing of Hurrican Ida - I know that everyone that does not live here in Hurricane season thinks when a storm passes by here oh well that's good it didn't hurt but can you imagine the work eveyone has to do just to prepare in case it really hits? All the boats heaved out of the water and anything unstable put somewhere safe, all houses shuttered, garden pots inside and all the birds go. There also arises, with the drop in the barometer, a great sense of camaraderie that helps keep us all together. These photos show the beach the night before Ida aproaches (left) and the afternoon after (right) - our beach is quite different now! Most hotels losts their beachfront palapas, there was quite a water surge but all being put right again as we speak.

Tonight was the opening of the Arte Rosa Mexicana a new gift shop by Danielle on Rojo Gomez just down from the Police Station - lots of interesting gifts that will be a big hit in high season. Lovely guitar playing, rosé and food from Ivan of La Terrazza made a great early Friday night. Seen here Danielle with a silk flower arrangement, Michelle with Danielle, yours tuly and Sandro. And Shan and Bruno in town for the event too. Now enjoy some more of Halloween and Day of the Dead!

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Isla Deb said...

Thanks for all the great info! I'm planning my first trip to Puerto Morelos the second week of March and am really excited. I even signed up for a cooking class at The Little Mexican Cooking School. I've traditionally gone to Isla Mujeres before, but wanted to try something different this time.