Kangaroo Salad, friends and family 25 - 31 July 2010

Usually when I am in Sydney I report back with beautiful photos of the stunning city that Sydney is, but not this time. It was time to be with my step daughter Omee who has come through chemo and radiation with her sense of humour and warmth intact, she is a trooper and as she continues to recover, an inspiration to her friends. All too brief a time was spent with my son Marc, his wife Michelle and the grandchildren Brandon and Dylan. Seen here my son Marc is showing you the Kangaroo risotto on the menu at the Purple Goanna, an aboriginal run cafe that my old friend Dr Mick, helped create for the indiginous community which he has worked with most of his life since arriving in Australia as a Hungarian refugee in the '50s. Also on the menu is Barramundi burgers and Kangaroo salad (pic) . I also caught up over lunch, dinner and drinks with Marni, Fran, Christopher (dinner at the incredibly trendy Bodega!), Karen, Robbie (now doing wildlife rescue - see pic of hand feeding baby possum) and my wonderful hosts Mandy and Stuart allowed me a dinner party to collect some other friends whose love I wish to hold close to me even tho the distance is tyrranical! So here are some of my most favourite people in the world!!!

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