Melbourne and my starring role! 31Jul - 5 August 2010

This is Melbourne's Royal Arcade where my great grandparents celebrated their wedding breakfast, as you can see I am all rugged up. Melbourne in the middle of winter is no-one's idea of fun so you have to have reasons, for me : 1. Visit my 97 year old grandfather, who although having regular hospital visits (everytime he goes in he says he's coming out feet first!), still lives at home in the company of his foxy 'Lily' Not a great pic of him as they took his teeth out and he's chatting to his sister on the mobile. 2. The invitation to be the honoured star guest for the opening night of Up Close an exhibition at the Heide Art Gallery and Museum, which centres around 3 photographers one of whom took one of Australia's top iconic photographs (Vale St., Carol Jerrems) with yours truly at its centre, albeit some years ago. 3. Pick up my mother for the trip to Bali to finally get some down time. Seen here on Alphington Railway station (note Mexican Shopping Bag) and feeding her pet cocky on the balcony of the penthouse.

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