Que Pasa? December 16th, 2010, Puerto Morelos Newsletter

Brrr Puerto Morelians have broken out their jackets and socks as we get a little
Kiskadees on the seeds of a rubber plant
taste of the North's winter, you may laugh when we shiver as the temperature drops to 14C at night.
Uluru in Central Australia receiving rain after many years last month
But with no heating and all tile floors, and restaurants all open air, it's cold for us.  Christmas is upon us and as we await the arrival of friends and family, we can celebrate in old fashioned style with the Puerto Morelos Posada on Friday night, 17 December, from 4pm. You are invited to dress up as an angel or a shepherd and join the parade around the town square and watch the presentations by the school children. Talking of things Xmas - last Sunday saw the first Puerto Morelos
James Sweeney teaching us how to sing
Gospel choir practice, directed by James Sweeney of The Men in Blues and
lead singer Cynthia
with a wonderful lead singer who came up from Akumal, a very funny afternoon of singing was had by all - you are invited to come next Sunday and watch practice in the backyard at David Lau's from 4pm. Saturday 18th December at Casa Cultura there will be a presentation of Aikido, Salsa, Hip Hop,Yoga artístico, Capoeira and Theatre. It is free entry and there will be traditional snacks and drinks too! Catch it, cook it, Eat it! - Sonya Littman is hosting a one week slow cooking adventure in Mayan Cooking in February and March in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere -more info here. Anna Laura Garcia will be holding a kundalini yoga
Donated equipment at the kindergarten
workshop and bhagra dance in Shangrila in Playa del Carmen on 18 December email here for further info. Cantina Habanero has their regular favourite band Vertigo playing Friday night along with a comedian with the intriguing name of Watermelon.  The Dancers for Peace are coming back February 3-10, regulars to Puerto Morelos, they happily dance on the beach and enjoy a week of yoga and other workshops, if you are interested please contact them by this email. The charity, El Mundo Puerto Morelos SC, has been very active in the lead up to the holidays - if you are coming
Jeannie and Anita
down and want to know what the
Cooking school students on the way to class from Ceiba del Mar
schools are asking for go to this link for a detailed list of what is needed to help out here - remember some airlines have Humanitarian
Leaking roof repaired for this family
baggage allowances and you never know what you can find in your cupboards or those of your friends! Jeannie is seen here with her sponsored child Anita, Jeannie is
Cisterna completed by charity
paying for her school fees and food at school, if you are interested in help out please go to the website here! We have 35
Volunteer Bill completing ramp construction
children who have now been sponsored.  Volunteers recently built a ramp so the our Vet., Dr Jorge, could finally
our vet Dr Jorge
come and go from his house in his wheelchair. Volunteers also
Volunteer Erroll
repaired rooves of 2 houses in the colonia and built septic systems for 2 families. El Mundo Puerto Morelos supplied the materials and labour costs - 13 people

are living in 2 rooms and their outdoor toilet sewerage was going into the
our stall at Taste of Playa
jungle - not any more! Thanks to Diane for co-ordinating the construction workers. The Little Mexican Cooking School represented Puerto
Diane at Mamas Bakery
Morelos in the Taste of Playa Festival this

Pablo with Mark de Carlo at Taste of Playa
year - thousands of people came to the Park next to the ferry to sample all the delightful foods of the Playa del Carmen restaurants and our chef Pablo was featured with the travel channel's Mark de Carlo. You can see some of the delicious food we are serving up at the school nowadays below! Do you own a rental property in the Riviera Maya? Well you are entitled to a substantial discount at The Little Mexican Cooking School, just drop me a line, you can also offer your guests a discount as well! I rarely comment on real estate transactions in Puerto Morelos it is almost as risky as gossip! But last edition I mentioned that the land where La Petita is, was apparently sold for condos - I received an
Coach Eric at the Rugby Tournament
anonymous note on my windscreen saying that 'the land was not sold for condos' so just wanted to let you know. Amazing to see  -
Eye Candy at the Rugby
there was a huge Rugby Tournament in Puerto Morelos on 20 November at the Polo Club where nine international teams competed - made for quite a fun day.

Seared Tuna and Watermelon Salad
Alex takes a mud bath
Sopes with our world famous Pepita salsa
Jicama Salad and Tortilla Soup
Alex trying to convince the kitten that he is safe
Town parade on Guadalupe Day last Sunday
My three plum puddings being prepared for Xmas Day

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