Puerto Morelos Boy wins Computer and Trading Market on Saturday

Principal William Salazar, Bernardo, volunteer Jill Yager
Girl Winnners of this term's best students
A lot of the time the work with the charity El Mundo para Puerto Morelos is paperwork, organising, relentless searching for help and shifting through paperwork jungles, all rather thankless. But then come along days like today where the smiles on everyone's faces make it all worthwhile. One of the schools we assist is the Bacchileres EMSAD and some kind folks donated a really high quality laptop for their benefit last year. The school organised a competition amongst the children where they had to show consistent school attendance, best presentation, enthusiasm and completion of assignments. 10 children made finalists and they had to write about why they should receive the laptop and what they would do with it. Today, at school assembly, they made the surprise announcement that Bernardo Estrada Erreguin was the winner! Bernado comes from a very poor family in difficult circumstances and was extremely proud and happy.

Saturday 28 January 4-7pm behind Library in the Colonia. You are invited to come along to this bartering market where services and goods are bartered for other services and goods. Bring a table with a cloth if you wish to display goods More information from the organisers  tejiendocomunidades@gmail.com

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