Puerto Morelos Newsletter Update March 7th, 2012

Chef Jeff MartinezThe Little Mexican Cooking School in Puerto Morelos proudly presents visiting chef Jeff Martinez. Chef Martinez has spent the last three years as Chef de Cuisine at the critically acclaimed restaurant Fonda San Miguel in Austin, Texas.  With 21 years of experience in the industry, Chef Martinez brings with him a great knowledge of and a deep passion for Mexican food which he is about to share with all of us here on the coast. He is teaching classes at The Little Mexican Cooking School in Puerto Morelos March 22, 23 and 27 as well as hosting a Sunday brunch March 25. Classes are $110 USD. Reserve a seat online at http://www.thelittlemexicancookingschool.com/ 
Last Wine tasting for the season this Friday March 9th Understanding Chilean Wine. The Vines will once again be  providing us the opportunity of tasting a selection of wines from Quintay of the Maipo Valley region of Chile including their Carmenere - Chile’s own signature grape, this red varietal disappeared from European vineyards in the mid-19th century and reappeared among Chile’s Merlot vines a hundred years later. The deepest, darkest, purplest of all red grapes. Enjoy it with red meats and corn-based dishes, such as Chile’s favorite pastel de choclo (corn and meat pie), or take advantage of its natural fruity spiciness and serve it up with Indian curry or a Mexican mole. If you want to do some research before coming to class go this truly excellent website about Chile and Chilean Wine click HERE. Chef Pablo will be serving appetisers - brown mushrooms with stewed tomatoes with olives and cloves and a cilantro chimmichurri; tuna tartare with avocado salad and chipotle dressing and sea scallops with corn cream sauce and green bell peppers. Bookings at 998 2518060 or cat@puertomorelosliving.com. Brought to you by Tulipanes and Casa Caribe.

With great affection and deep sadness we said farewell to Gary McDonell with a celebration of his life in Playa del Carmen and then in Winnipeg on January 17th. Gary, aged 64,  passed away suddenly on January 6th at his home in Playacar and we shall all miss his wonderful personality and generous affection. "You don't say?" he would say with great interest after asking after someone's latest activities, he was always interested in his visitors' lives and supported their successes with his giant enthusiasm. Gary and Carol arrived in Puerto Morelos September 26th, 2003, and generously opened their house to all of us. Not a weekend would go by without a social activity at the house and Gary would always make sure the party went on! "Let me top that up for you!", he would boom, empty glasses or empty stomachs were simply not allowed. Renowned as the top timeshare person in this region we, in Puerto Morelos, knew him as a wonderful, warm and kind friend. You can read his Canadian Obituary here and leave a message for family if you wish. He leaves behind his wife Carol Michie, his 2 children, 2 step children, 5 grandchildren and thousands of friends.

Florencia Ribot , well known in Puerto Morelos for her vivacious personality and her wonderful bar Giaconda, announced to us all with great pride last year that she was going to have a baby! Then wonderful Isabella was born on December 4th, 2011, at a tiny 2.6kg, she came bursting into life. Now Isabella weighs a healthy 5kg and has started talking! Well anyone who knows Florencia will not be surprised about that at all. Of course, being a single Mum is not all roses but she has the support of family and friends. Florencia is continuing her real estate business and construction on her new place in Av Rojo Gomez where she lives with Isabella and her little dog Milly.

Coach Eric Sanchez, Tulipanes cafe, is holding a raffle for a 32" colour TV. His Cancun Rugby Team, the Hammerheads,  is entering the knockout round for the National Rugby Championships and they have to transport 23 people to Monterrey to play. Of course there is not enough funding so the raffle tickets will be 75p each, sold at the cafe until March 30th. You have to be in it to win it!
The Town Bazaar was held on Saturday February 18th and was a raging success on a number of levels. We will be doing it again next year so start thinking of what you can contribute next time! Patti Pearson and Emily Strong organised  an enlarged group of volunteers who brought great enthusiasm to the day, new fab caterers Robin and Steve, and raised  12, 330p in sales of goods and 1825p in food, a record! This money is used where the charity El Mundo par Puerto Morelos needs cash for projects such as the
Marie who needs  a wheelchair to get to school
current construction being undertaken in Pescadores. The charity is building housing for a woman and her 4 children who have been living in a hut made of packing crates. There was no bathroom and one child is in a wheelchair, the living conditions were appalling and DIF asked us to step in and help. Thanks to your generous donations we are able to start construction on a simple room for the family. If anyone has any doors, a toilet, shower fittings, a fusebox, light bases or cable they could donate to Maria's project please tell Diane 998 8456810. Little Marie's wheel chair broke down this week, we have taken it in for repair but she could really do with another - do you know someone who would bring a child's chair down for her? Our love and thanks goes to our volunteers all 25 of them, you know who you are, thank you.

This years recycling schedule
Puerto Morelos Carnaval Seniors 2011
Puerto Morelos Carnaval has started. next Saturday in the Parque in the Colonia will be the crowning of the Carnival Kings, followed by 'popular dancing'. Sunday will be the parade of the Competitors from children to adults also in the colonia, a children's parade on Monday night and Tuesday night the finals and judgings. When I can get some times for these events I will post it here but they are generally early evening.

Polo anyone? It is not a tournament but a club 'friendly' game this Saturday March 10th, at El Rey Polo Country Club we start playing at 4pm and the public is welcome to watch the game on the field and enjoy the club facilities, pool and restaurant. You will find us 11.5km down the Ruta de Cenotes road west of Puerto Morelos, see you there.


Unknown said...

What does this mean for Pablo??? Are they heading north again for good, or just a vacation....or.....??????

Great blog, Cat!

hugs, Dafni

Amber Pierce said...

What time is your wine tasting?

Catriona Brown said...

Wine TAsting is at 6pm.
Dafne - what it means for Pablo is a full weekend off, he is thinking of taking his family to Bacalar for teh weekend, he needs a break!