Worm Tea and brunch at Casa CAribe

Brunch special - Smoked salmon Salad
Birthday Boy Liam celebrates with Clare, Sarah, Sundari and Carlos
Brunch at Casa Caribe, Puerto Morelos, is a delight for locals and visitors alike, it is great to see locals in low season enjoying a leisurely meal. Today we had the added excitement of worms!

Catherine examines Gerardo's worms
Explaining the system
The Worm Seminar was a wriggly success today, many locals arrived to take advantage of Gerardo Villaneuva's knowledge of worms and how to make compost. Here in the Yucatan, we do not have worms as they cannot live in the very calcified soil we have. So, he is importing worms and we are going to help breed them in the soil they create. If you need more information about the system Gerardo has created please call email him Gerardo Villanueva Gerardo Villanueva

Worm Tea is what they call the liquid that drains form the composting boxes - we pour it into the garden daily.

The boxes are used to rotate compost and worms

the worms in question

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