Want to take a weekend cruise to Cuba?

The Adriana, is now operating direct trips from Puerto Morelos to Havana, there is some information on their website (tropicanacruises.com) if you have trouble there (most people do) Marthe and Andreas are handling bookings as well (puertomorelos.com.mx). You can buy a ticket just for passage or a 4 day package. We previewed the ship and here are the room photos from the bottom of the ship to the top! All very cosy, I especially like bigger rooms at the top, a bath even! We met Sergei, the owner of the ship and the charming Captain who invited us for drinks. The lounging areas look great for hanging out and they have chosen the charming, young Russian stewards very well. The pool is deep and clean and lots of out door sunning areas too. It took them 3 weeks to sail from the Ukraine, where the ship was refittted and with 2 days of rest started the trip to Havana. Let's go!
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All the images are looking so beautiful in your blog. I really like it.
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