Que paso? April 18th

Hola everyone, lots of bits of news today and pics of the bazaar.

All the fun and people of Easter are but a distant memory and once more we can walk down the middle of the street in peace. Now we can cruise the square and know everyone we see, once more plenty of parking and workers keen to work. Sweet silence! Well apart from the metal sawing at Star Wars, Zeta Gas, that new kid with the rock concert in the car and the Ceiba bus of course.

Talking of the roads, I was witness to an accident in my street last week where a Suburban type vehicle hit a taxi who was on the wrong side of the road cutting the corner as he was trying to avoid the potholes, really the situation is getting crazy. The whole side of the taxi was swiped with the driver received a neck injury and the mother and child passengers needed medical treatment. The scene was quickly attended by, in order, taxis, mucho policia, Leon and his emergency service team, fire brigade and after half an hour an ambulance. We do what we can to put pressure on the municipality but so far no joy.

We did apply some pressure about the medical centre in PM and it is now open and operating 0800-1800 for anyone to use. We are not having much success yet in getting airfares for our firemen from Ottawa, Canada - we are now applying to the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters (USA), fingers crossed. Any other ideas???We presented the results of our Health and Education survey to the the heads of the Health Dept today and they were thrilled to receive them, it will go a long way in helping them show our health issues and receive funding for programmes of assistance to the community. We also told them that Mission of Love is ready and poised to bring in all the medical equipment we have requested. If you are in need of some specialist consultation or treatment I could not reccomend Hospitan Star Medica (999 9302880 - 90) in Merida highly enough, brand new and highly professional. ADO bus to Merida then at 4pm and 5pm they have a transfer bus to the hospital, ADO leaves the hospital direct to Cancun at 0800 each day.

Stop me if I have already told you but we are pleased to announce that the Department also approved the workshop we have planned for May 13th. Dr Smita Shah from the University of Sydney is a specialist in community health and training doctors in particular with management of patient asthma. After she heard about the amount of respiratory issues we have in the community she has volunteered to give a workshop on management of asthma in Puerto Morelos for all our doctors. Smita and her husband Ralf (currently lecturing on the possibility of an out break of bird flu in humans and its devastating effects) will be staying with me for a couple of weeks so if you around please say hello.

Eric and Bill and David the plumber have been volunteers on completing the laboratory at the high school, after a couple of delays they are very close to finishing, concrete pour tomorrow. Thanks guys great job, if you see them around you may want to say something especially David the plumber for donating all that time. Very kind and generous of all of you.

On that note Magaly has taken on the kindergarten in the colonia and has been doing great things to help them and so has Billy, now he is putting in another access way to the bathrooms BUT they need a door..can anyone see if they have an old door lying around, standard measure is 80 x 215 but they can make most things fit. let us know! They want to install at the weekend. Magaly tracked down the owner of all those big sand trucks and the darling man has volunteered his trucks to take away all the debris that remains in the grounds of the Primary school in the Puerto . Thanks also to Ceiba del Mar for generously lending us their bulldozer to load the trucks.

The Bazaar was a great success in the Park, all the clothes bar 2 small boxes were sold, one person bought all the books for his rental house, Frank and Terry sold out of hot dogs and chile, the artists did well and everyone had a great day. Our heartfelt thanks go to Frank, Patti, Emily, Jodi, Dave, Terry, Silvia, Bea, Debby, Eric, Billy, Eduardo, (we know Marguerite and Magaly were there in spirit but both were injured, spare a thought for Marguerite who sustained a back injury that resulted in hospital but is home now ) thanks to Dora who was passing by but stayed to help with the unruly crowd. Big success too was the free box! We raised a healthy amount of money and provided some cheap clothing to the community, we were pleased that the majority of the people were from the colonia and glad we could help. (see pics below)

We plan to have another bazaar later in the year so when you come bring down your not needed clothes and anything you have that the schools or medical clinics can use. Everything you can do is a great help to the children and those in need. It really is appreciated.

Our darling Emma (from Sweden) and Mariano (from Argentina) who are currently away in Sweden have a baby girl born April 12th called Satya, they will all be back in August

Above the supermarket on the square, where the Vieja Pescador was, is a new eating establishment. Mexican food yeah! like tacos de camaron or dorado, ceviches, sopas de mariscos, shrimp in tequila, whole fish, chicken, ice cream, fruit and a kids menu. If you want to make a reservation you can call Francisco (of the El Cid booth fame) on his cell 998 122 4263. I'll do a review when I get to eat there. They are open from 1pm


Well not much on the music scene this week reflecting the amount of people not in town but we can always depend on TUNA and Bara Bara:

Friday 20
Saturday 21st
ANNARASTA'S PARTY (my 26th birthday) Everyone is invited to Anna's birthday and she has quite some entertainment
8.00 PM
10.OO PM

Friday 20
dj totem ( tribal house )
Saturday 21
argenis ( tek elektro )
Sunday 22
bring that funk and rock back ( a tribute to 60's & 70's )

Los Bomberos

Bazaar- El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos Apr 07 006

Frank and Terry-chefs for the day


Bazaar- El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos Apr 07 014

Bazaar- El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos Apr 07 009

Bazaar- El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos Apr 07 011

Our town's finest

Bazaar- El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos Apr 07 016

a local artisan

Mauricio-blankets and hammocks

Easter fun

Once again thanks to everyone who helps with the charity. Let me know if you have a friend who wants to go on the mailing list and let me know if I'm sending this to you twice.

best wishes

Catriona Brown
El Mundo para Puerto Morelos SC

ph 52 998 1598890

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