Que paso? April 25

Hello Again

There are quite a few people who will be receiving this newsletter for the first time so I would like to let you know that this newsletter comes to you courtesy of the volunteers who work with El Mundo par Puerto Morelos, the charity for the schools, clinics and emergency services, and all her supporters. We keep the charity news up to date so that you know what is being done here, and so that you can help if possible in some way, and also we have a few items of what's going on around town to help the businesses and our visitors.

If you do not wish to receive this newsletter please let us know and if we have doubled up and sent to you twice please let me know. We have an ongoing problem with AOL users which we are trying to resolve other than that let us know if you want to add any names.

One of our regulars to PM and a charity contributor is Valerie Ware, part of RIF (Reading is Fundamental) in her home town. Valerie and her friends and family plan to donate about 220 books to the three kindergartens here in PM. They are buying and finding spanish books from all over the place. The idea is that each child gets to choose a book for themselves. If you can help Valerie and her friends please contact her on iowairis at aol dot com or if you are arriving to PM before June 18 maybe you could bring a spanish book or two or of course you can contribute to the charity in the US and we can buy them there (see below)

Preparations proceeding well for these 2 workshops for doctors in PM and Cancun being held by visiting Dr Smita Shah assisted by Dr Alfonso Apolinar

There will be a thank you celebration at 0900 on Monday at the High School in the Puerto to thank the volunteers who refitted the gas and water to the school laboratory. The schools superintendant and teachers and parents will also be present. (pic below)

Our friends from Mission of Love were here recently. Frank and Sherry Weldele visited Espita (Yucatan) and fitted over 50 hearing devices for children and adults. There was also a visit to Isla Mujeres to see what they can do for the children there. Mission of Love has a considerable amount of medical supplies just waiting for our paperwork to be finished so that they can ship it in. (pic below)

Our wonderful high school friends from the Laurentians are here again to help out in the Puerto. The children learn Spanish as part of their curriculum, then do social work and also raise their own money to come here every year. This year they are painting the walls on the East and North sides of the Primary school in the port. They also have an art work planned for inside . Their teacher Jacques Fraser will be teaching a French class on Saturday at 10-12am in the Casa del Cultura and they will also be donating a guitar, karate clothes and art materials to the Casa. Bravo! (pics below) .

We are getting lots of support from Cancun for the training school (26-30 May) they have booked Hotel Parnassus for the instructors from Canada and had a meeting to iron out details in Puerto Morelos this week (see pic)

Denise has organised volunteers from Amizade www.amizade.org to help rebuild the kitchen in the kindergarten. We have permission from the Education Dept and the volunteers will be here to work during the August school holidays - now we have to find the materials - Magaly is looking around for all that we'll need. I'll get a list soon.

Had a very pleasant dinner with Cynthia at El Faro (above Super Martins) . What a wonderful location it is with the view of the sea and the square, pleasant breeze as well. The staff was very attentive, Carlos the manager greeted us and handed us over to Alberto the waiter. We were soon settled with limonadas. For an entree I tried the Tacos Camarones - delish, flour tortillas and a chipotle sauce with a few stir fried veggies and rice (for 45 p this was a big hit). Cynthia had a seafood soup with mussels, prawns and pulpo in a very tasty broth (80p). The chef is from Vera Cruz so there are definitely some different flavours and styles here. I had a fish fillet Vera Cruz (110p) the fish was fresh and cooked perfectly for me (not overdone) with a light Vera Cruz sauce and stir fried veg. After the tacos I managed to eat all the fish but little else, just full. Cynthia's prawn ceviche was excellent and what she couldn't eat we took home. I think that was 85p but we had 2 margaritas by then and my note taking was sloppy. The margaritas were ok (not up to Ed or Sara's standard). However on another day I went with Frank who had his normal rum and coke and I had a michelada - the beer was really cold and they had fascinating little snack called Chalupitas. By the way toilets were spotless with lots of paper. All in all a good little addition to our restaurants

LAS MARENAS (next to Federal Reseve land on Rojo Gomez)
wants to remind you they are open for breakfast from 7ish so drop in and say hi to Janina, I saw the pastas and sauces they look great

CASA AZUL (on beach near lighthouse)
also wants to remind you they have breakfast fro 7.30 - 12 and they have added some Mexican food to their menu and now have fried fish and deep fried shrimp!

CANTINA HABANERO (between the dive shops on Rojo Gomez)
has opened for breakfast again too

TUNA (on beach at North end of town)
Closed Mondays and Tuesday for low season. Sarah starts back there on Thursday.

We have a donation of 12 spanish fire fighting manuals from IFSTA (International Fires Service Training Association) . KK called them and they are being shipped shortly

DID YOU KNOW? The Sea Heart, Fava de Colom, Columbus Bean, Fabaceae (pic below)
The currents have changed in the last few days and seeds are starting to wash up on the beach again. The Sea Heart is one of our favourites. Native to the American tropics, the sheer size of the high climbing woody vines and their huge seed pods have to be seen to be appreciated (apparently) Pods as long as a metre and containing 5-15 seeds hang from thick woody vines that often engulf the trees that support them. As the seeds mature the pods split open releasing the seed, many of them fall intro streams and hence to us. An air space between the cotyledons provides buoyancy. A hard outer seed coat about 2mm think prevents the entry of seawater making long ocean voyages possible - they have been found as far as the Cornish coast of England. In the early 19th and 20th century they were made into snuff boxes with hinges and silver and into match boxes. The perfect heart shape is hard to find but it is good luck to have one no matter the shape.

Forgive me Ginny I forgot thank you for all your hardwork and also of course thanks to our Mayor for being so supportive of the venture.

I think it is somewhat of a record we had 8 yachts moored by the fishing pier last weekend. I met Stefan Paulsén and Emma Ohlson from the Ace of Spades who have sailed from Stockholm. Also Arthur Schuck aboard the OK-Fine from Newberg, Oregon.


dj gorka ( electro -tribal- house )
Tambodje TBC
bring that funk & rock back ( tribute to 60's, 70's & 80's)... ladies drink free from 9 to 10 pm on sunday

Billy Chapman 6.30 on
Mike Manzur and band from 8
No live Music due to the International Reggae Festival in Cancun (6pm-2am in the feria behind the Go Kart track)
SUNDAY Big Concert!!
Chak ( famous performer from mexico City) you can see what's she 's like at www.myspace.com/chakrojo

James Mclean
Bernie sings!

Billy Chapman 7-9
Rosio sings 12-5

The volunteers for the high school laboratory, thanks boys

The laboratory ready to go all new gas and water fittings, taps that work, drains that flow!

The ladies from Mission of Love on the way to Isla Mujeres

Patti and Cat with the Cancun and Puerto Morelos firemen

The volunteers from Quebec

The sea heart

From Sweden with love

IN THE USA AND CANADA: Cheques may be made out to Commonwealth Housing Corp and in the memo line write FBO: El Mundo para Puerto Morelos and send to their on the ground co-ordinator c/o Kay McMillan, 4115 Honeycomb Rock Circle, Austin, Texas 78731-2015 and they will be transferred to Puerto Morelos and you will receive official acknowledgement

thanks everyone

Catriona Brown
El Mundo para Puerto Morelos SC

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