Books for our Children June 18 and 19

The Puerto Morelos Charity, El Mundo para Puerto Morelos, and Valerie Ware of Reading is Fundamen tal in Iowa will be donating books to all the children at the three kindergartens in Puerto Morelos and the first 2 years of the 2 Primary schools. Valerie has been raising money and buying books over the internet so that every child will have the chance to choose their own special book. Most of these children cannot afford crayons, so it will be a very special day. If you can bring some or other supplies Puerto Morelos to contribute this that would be great or you can contact Valerie to send books or contributions to her
You can read more about the charity in the right hand column.


Peter @ Enviroman said...

Hi Catriona,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Adding ads, searchbox, etc in the blog Header or above the main column. I have responded to your comment.

BTW there may be one more tip that you may be interested in: Improving link popularity and PageRank by removing the NOFOLLOW attribute for comments. This will especially be useful if you, like me, often link to your own pages in respond to comments. If you let it known to your visitors, you may also encourage more people to comment.

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Peter @ Enviroman said...

Hi Catriona,

I have responded to your last comment in my post Adding ads, searchbox, etc in the blog Header as well as in the main column.

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Catriona Brown said...

Thanks Peter - you were right, the HTML disappears when you get out of layout.

Now have been waiting 4 days still no Adsense, their site says I am active - is there a problem between Blogger and Adsense ? Is there some way of forcing interaction?

Also, in Page Elements there is a box for Adsense and when I try to sign into Adsense from there it says "internal error. please try again" for the last 4 days.?

Also great tip on the nofollow deletion, thanks. As far as searching for the phrase - if you are using Firefox Mozilla you just do control F when you are onn the page and you get a search box at bottom of page with cool next and previous to you
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