Que paso? May 25

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Fishing Tournament
There is one this weekend and next weekend, what a lucky town we are. Frank and Billy and many others have entered the tournament this weekend so we'll be down at the pier in the afternoon to see what they bring in. Update: pic of boats coming in.


Today marks the start of a three day Charro tournament in the Charro grounds in Bonfil, first turn left, all the way to end. Charro is a competition exhibiting and competing with various horseback skills. There is also a wonderful section with the women riders doing breathtaking precision riding. Entrance 20 pesos

Baraka Special at the Beach Bar A delicious ceviche and two beers for $ 135 pesos with Elisa's beautiful daughter Cecilia as the Beach Bar tender

Tuna Beach Club Special Friday 25 May

Big band sound reggae from D.F. named Antidoping , they fly out Saturday for a concert in Mex Citywww.myspace.com/aantidoping
Check it out, sounds pretty cool to me!!!
Saturday night TBA
Bara Bara:
Saturday: rasta sound system ( reggae )

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