Que Paso? March 21

Puerto Morelos Development - Everyone wants to know what happened after our well attended well spoken meeting last Sunday voicing our opposition to the Government plans for the rapid expansion of Puerto Morelos? Well, apparently, zilch, our message went back to the people actually in power and has resulted in no changes. It is thought that with the change of governor's next week the old governor will ratify the current proposal and wash his hands of the problems as all pending issues have to be closed off. The hard working people who have pushed this campaign so far are asking if you could PLEASE help stop this and be at a protest meeting Saturday 22 March starting at the traffic lights at the highway from 9-11 in the morning (tomorrow) followed by a press conference at 1100 at Ojo de Agua. Try and wear green and white and bring a protest banner for the walk to make the point. In case you haven't noticed it is Easter and Spring break at the same time and Puerto Morelos is bouncing, there was even a queue (look it up in an English dictionary) at La Petita today! If only they could remember to pick up the garbage before Easter. I did notice today lots of water delivery, funny that we don't have enough water now what will it be like with thousands more houses! Coming soon (2 weeks) on the left past the Handicraft Market is Caktuz! a lounge bar and restaurant and garden grill aimed and designed as a locals hangout for relaxing eating and drinking, I can't wait. Then again whatever happened to Baraka, well I already reported that Alise opened a casual dining place with Johnny (wrong Johnny I stand corrected) above the supermarket which is going very well. The old premises has been taken over by Lomas Travel no less (of travel agent fame - El Dorado, Hotel Azul etc) and they open on April the 1st a restaurant called Paradise Pier, I questioned why it was in English and he said all the clients will be 'American', they will bus people in with a package of transport, lunch and snorkeling. Apparently Lomas Travel has had snorkeling licenses for some time and not used them, mmm what do you think? The menu will be "Mediterranean" live lobster ( I said its not lobster season he said oh we have 'arranged' that) , steaks, carpaccio and locals are welcome. Will have a lounge atmosphere and soon to come beach club. Also today in Puerto Morelos was the reenactment of Jesus carrying the Cross, on e of the wonderful traditions of this town that keeps us in love with it. What is that bus you ask me? Well yes we now have a party bus courtesy of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau who thought we'd like a music bus around town at night. Step right on , only 10 pesos, drive around town and look in your neighbour's windows. Easter is also close of term at the schools and the kinder had a wonderful celebration with dancing and costumes and the local boys also have their costumes and props ready for celebrations! I have broken ground on my new building project and, thanks to my wonderful friends, Alex and I have found a place to live for three weeks, I will be at Tina's on Rojo Gomez, all ended well.

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