Lost dog story

Recently, there was a gorgeous puppy in town throwing itself at people  looking for a home, she found Christina and David on the beach and convinced them to take her home to Vancouver.

"Maya is doing wonderfully! She's adapted very well and loves everything about Vancouver except the cooler weather. We are in the process of trying to doggy train her (first and foremost for bathroom breaks) We've left her on her own twice now and she spent the full days alone and didn't get into too much mischief and waited to go to the bathroom after we got home and took her for a walk. She's already learning how to sit and knows her name. We have been suckers for letting her sleep with us and I just wrote our building manager tonight to tell her about Maya. So we hope to still have a home tomorrow.

You have no idea how much joy she has brought to our life and we know she will continue to. I've attached a few photos. We haven't had a lot of time to take some good ones yet. The one with her swimming is about 5 minutes after meeting her. We will include better ones in the near future but for now these will do"

Martina from Martina's Oasis and Martine from Oasis Restaurant were a great help in this rescue

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