Dog Fashion Show in Puerto Morelos

Strange but true: 30 June 2012 at 5pm in the Park in Puerto Morelos there will be a Dog Fashion show, different grades for different sizes. It is an educational evening to spread information to inform locals how to care for pets and how to get them adopted, vaccinated or spayed and neutered. It is being promoted by Junto a Ti, an organisation from Cancun that now has a volunteer branch in Villas Morelos. More information from Mirza Pena Povedano, organiser, 998 240 2752

They are asking for your help and support.
Can you volunteer with the animals at the shelter? Can you volunteer for the event to help with the children and animals? please contact Melina Alarcon 998 8654551  Carlos Povedano Concha is looking after good hearts and funds, 998 1577022, They are waiting to hear from YOU.

They are also looking for lots of items for maintaining the volunteer shelter in Puerto Morelos and the next spay and neuter clinic - I have translated this, so it is not accurate but anyone who understands veterinary requirements should understand. If you are coming to Puerto Morelos and can bring some of these things please drop them at Casa Caribe on Rojo Gomez or Arrecife Development, by the church, or Mayan Riviera Properties on the Square. We really hope you can help the animals of this town!

List of materials and supplies needed urgently:
· Equipment for sterilizationPolysorb Saturas 1-0 and 2-0Saline / Catheter 24G and 22 G / Syringes: 22Gx25mm, 22Gx32mm / Amoxicillin with acidclavulanic / Chlorhexidine Gluconate / Blades for Encoreflexible elastic adhesive / tolfenamic acid or meloxicam / Campos sterile / antiseptic solutionsdisinfectants surgical / surgical instruments / gloves / Romidifina (romydhis)Aluspay / Ages, Calcium, Artroflex, Vitamins and Cyalite gb

· Supplies Dogs:25kg bags of food with· Articles Dogs:Conveyor or houses / belts,· Cleaning Supplies:Disinfectants, deodorants, detergent, brooms, dustpans, bagsgeneral
Providing housing 2 times per year to veterinarians who come from abroad to participatesterilization (7 nights)Giving food to veterinarians and staff involved in the sterilization campaign.Provide transportation to veterinarians and personal
sterilizations, medicated hygiene, and medicine:/ Satura nonabsorbable; Ethibond 2-0 (polyester) / Gauze: sterile and non sterile / ZoletilScalpel # 3 and # 4 / Infusion with normogotero / BandagesGB-12 / Clorexiderm medicated soap, Scabisin, Kirodermal./ Prescription food / milk with vitamin for puppiesransportadoras necklaces / feeders, drinkers / razor, scissorsw / trash, cleaning products

Photos from Companions to None - a Documentary about Mexican dogs


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