Charity work at the Public Clinic 15 June 2012

Liam Harte, a paramedic from Sydney, is visiting Puerto Morelos and it gave us the opportunity to deliver medical equipment and supplies to the reopened public clinic in the colonia in Puerto Morelos. Finally, we have our own ambulance and 2 paramedics rostered around the clock. The defibrillator we donated last year is installed in the ambulance, we are now looking for a portable one for the paramedics so that the big one can go back in the clinic. These men desperately need protective uniforms - any ideas? We delivered the bi-pap that was donated by a visiting doctor last year - it is a front line unit for forcing air into lungs at pressure. We also delivered a nebuliser and lots of medicine for gastric and respiratory illness. This clinic is very basic (see pic below) and they arekeen to deliver a good service to the population. They have no tools even for suturing basic cuts - really need the small surgical tools and a sterilising unit, they have nothing. Please pass this to your friends - there must be some doctors and nurses and other paramedics who can help?

Liam will be working on Sunday with the local paramedics at the Strong Man Competition in the town square. He plans to bring more Australian paramedics (yay!) to experience working at the front line in Puerto Morelos.

Any medical donations can be delivered to Casa Caribe, Arrecife Devpts next to Church or Mayan Riviera Properties on the square

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